[Waifu Wednesday] Satsuki Momoi


May the 4th be with you. Happy Star Wars Day to those of you who celebrate it! Unfortunately, this waifu does not come from the Star Wars series, but comes from a series that may be a bit different from it. This time Waifu has long pink hair, a perfect body, and often hangs out with handsome men while sweating. Who else but Satsuki Momoi from Kuroko no Basket .

Why I chose Momoi today is not RNG like last week, I chose Momoi today at the same time to celebrate his birthday as informed by the Kyaratan website . In the Kurobas series , he is also the character that I like the most, among the bars it turns out that there is still a shining flower.Sorry Riko , not you. Unfortunately, even though the character is so interesting, this waifu is covered in popularity by the embers that surround him.

Why is Momoi very suitable to be a waifu ? Let’s discuss its advantages below.

+ Dream manager, dream waifu
Momoi is the manager of the Generation of Miracles team at Teiko Middle School, and she is very good at analyzing player data. All players can be analyzed to the core by his eyes, except for Kuroko who is a little difficult to analyze. That is, he can know the habits of the player and adjust the appropriate actions to deal with the player.

So what does that have to do with waifu ? This means that if you make Momoi a waifu , she can observe your way of life every day and fix it for you. The proof is that he really cares about the players, although not as much as he cares about Aomine and Kuroko. Her concern for Aomine looks like that of a mother for her child, and her concern for Kuroko looks like that of a newlywed. Yes, a complete combo as a dream waifu .

+ You can’t resist those F cup
One of Momoi’s most ‘standout’ charms is her chest, and as explained in the Kurobas series , Momoi’s size is F cup. For a high school kid, that size is extraordinary, I don’t know what his mother fed him so he could grow like that.

Momoi wasn’t afraid to show her body line either, when she came to Seirin High School’s practice at the pool. Momoi only wore an outer jacket and a bikini, in order to show her beautiful body to her love, Kuroko. But unfortunately his efforts were a little in vain, because as usual, Kuroko was indifferent to him. At least he could make Riko jealous though.

+ When you are in love, it becomes sticky like a stamp
Yes, I know the subtitles sound like a ’90s commercial, but bear with me . Since falling in love with Kuroko, Momoi has never looked at another man as her husband candidate. Maybe he won’t even glance at you. Since middle school, Momoi has often been seen ‘ sticking ‘ to Kuroko more than she should, nor is she shy about expressing her delusions that she is Kuroko’s boyfriend. Unfortunately until now his love continues to be one sided, maybe.

+ Cheerful on the outside, fragile on the inside
Even though Momoi looks cheerful and happy to go lucky , a woman whose name still needs attention when she is in difficult times. He was once scolded by Aomine for stopping his game when Aomine was injured in the middle of a match. This made him very sad, he had to look for Kuroko on the Seirin basketball court in the rain. This is the best chance for you to win her heart.

So far, it’s clear that Momoi is a very suitable waifu candidate , but I’m also not surprised that some are hesitant to approach her. Why? Maybe for the reasons below.

– Daiki Aomine
You see Momoi’s bodyguard over there? Yes, that jet black and scary face, he’s also tall and muscular, I’m sure he won’t just give Momoi to you for various reasons. The first is because you’re not Kuroko, the second maybe he doesn’t like you. Just be careful there is a basketball that will float towards your face while walking.

– You are not Kuroko
Unless you can master the misdirection technique , it’s best to just give up because Momoi can definitely read you like a book. At least you need that technique to get on Momoi’s radar, because with this technique Momoi will have a hard time reading you and will start to be interested in learning about you. Thank goodness it stuck to you like it stuck to Kuroko.

So, Momoi is not an easy waifu to get, you have to try hard to attract her attention. It looks like Kuroko doesn’t have to work hard to get Momoi’s attention, but yeah, that’s the advantage of members of Generation of Miracles . so try to master the misdirection first before you get to know Momoi , okay?