[Waifu Wednesday] Sanshokuin “Pansy” Sumireko


It’s actually late, because this series ended (at least the first season) in 2019. But there’s nothing wrong with writing this now. Besides that, I also lack material to write for wayfwed.

A girl with glasses, her hobby is reading books in the library, good at hiding her charms. Maybe this is the short definition of Sanshokuin Sumireko , or what is usually called ” Pansy “.

The origin of this girl is from the series entitled Ore wo Suki nano wa Omae dake ka yo , lifted from LN and the manga of the same name. The title can be interpreted in Sundanese which means “Are you the only one who has a crush on me?”.

Pansy is the main heroine in the series which is often referred to as Oresuki. An innocent girl with glasses, whose hobby is reading books in the library during recess. But are you sure that’s all there is to it?

What is clear, Pansy is not just a typical library girl. He is a special type of hidden gem that you need to dig deeper into. How deep is it? Let’s take a look first:

+ Not your ordinary Librarian

Pansy is known as a typical quiet library girl who almost has nothing to do other than sitting in the library and spending her time reading books all day. Or at least that’s what Pansy wants to show to the other students at school.

In fact? Pansy was a girl who could have been the popular type if she wanted to. I’m smart, beautiful, fantastic, caring too. But Pansy really likes it…

+ Lowkey Mastery

We all know that she’s actually pretty naudzubillah, plus she’s also well-endowed . But the great thing is that he’s able to hide it all so rarely anyone knows (at least at school).

Plus, as I have discussed above, he also only has a hobby in the library. The only place in the school that (unfortunately) the least number of students visited, and almost always deserted. The more hidden the charm of this one girl’s elegance.

Seriously though , it’s a real crazy tight bandage if you really try it. It’s great that Pansy was able to endure all that all day while at school.

+ Are you sure you want to change your heart?

Once attention is paid to you, Pansy will not move her heart. Even though you’ve been given a lot of fun with other girls and try to be a fakboy. In addition to attention, Pansy will also fully trust you once you get her heart. So don’t ever be disappointed!

Like an archer who is very focused on his target, he will continue to focus on you until the arrow of love manages to pierce the hardness of your heart.

Presumably Reckless

Yes, he really has total trust in you, but it seems a bit dangerous if his trust is blind without any ” safety measure “.

Let’s recap, because Pansy is the only girl who dares to lure a guy who clearly has bad intentions to immediately do what he intended. The code that he believes that you will come to save him is like a knight riding a white horse.

It’s scary, because if you’re a little late or don’t have the guts, Pansy will definitely be okay.

– Stalkingnya serem

Are you sure you still want to move your heart? Apart from being patient and considerate, he can also just blackmail you with all your personal information that he got from his observations.

I really understand your behavior & nature, your secret is also kept, it’s best if you don’t mess with it!

Happy competing!

You’re not the only one who likes Pansy (or at least knows Pansy’s “original mode”). Well, if you look at her character and appearance, it’s only natural that this Pansy is a hidden gem that once someone finds it, they will fight each other to get it .

So good luck fighting to be able to defend Pansy from the men who fight over her heart.