[Waifu Wednesday] Sakurajima Mai


Welcome back to the favorite rubric of a million people, Waifu Wednesday ! While the Mahouka chain is taking a week break, then let me take over the perwaifu article because we are already in the Christmas moment. Uh, how come it’s like de javu ? Yes, because last year I released a list of 7 waifu that can accompany you on Christmas . But it turns out that each of the waifu on the list has not yet made a version of the waifu for wednesday, so this is a good opportunity to open up old memories.

Sakurajima Mai is the main heroine of the Seishun Buta Yarou series , abbreviated as Aobuta or better known as Bunny Girl Senpai . Our protagonist, Azusagawa Sakuta managed to win her heart and officially became his lover. For Sakuta, a husbando friday article has been made here .

So what makes Mai-san so waifuable that Sakuta screams incoherently to reveal his love? Before I discuss further, I warn you that there are some spoilers that should be avoided for readers who don’t know the story and don’t want to know about it first.

+ Bunny Girl Senpai
It is Mai-san who is the reason why this series has the ‘ bunny girl ‘ senpai in the title because she used to wear a bunny girl costume . In the story, Mai becomes the first arc that our protagonist, Sakuta, must complete. His existence cannot be seen or felt by others. This is what makes him venture to walk in the library wearing a bunny girl costume , in order to see if anyone can notice his whereabouts.

Sakuta was the one who managed to see Mai in her bunny girl costume so that she could be involved with the beautiful senpai who asked for mercy. Long story short, Mai’s case was over and Mai quit the habit. However, the depiction of Mai in her bunny girl costume has been successfully engraved in the hearts of Sakuta and the audience. Moreover, every opening you can still see the figure of Mai in her bunny girl costume. Imagine having a waifu who is willing to wear a bunny girl costume to entertain her husband. Oh desho ?

+ Dream Famous Artist
The identity of Mai is revealed over time. He is not just a senpai , but he is also a famous artist. Since childhood, Mai was directed by her mother to be able to have a career in the entertainment world . The case of Mai’s disappearance also stems from her work as an artist which makes her want to run away from all her routines.

After Sakuta’s case was successfully resolved, Mai was able to return from the entertainment world and appear as an artist, become a commercial star and even play on the big screen. His success as an artist had made his younger brother Nodoka jealous and caused another case that had to be solved by Sakuta.

Although busy with entertainment matters , Mai can still manage her work and her love affair with Sakuta at once. He can still pamper his partner and stand firm to protect his girlfriend from threats that could disturb the peace of his relationship. So I add this to a plus point because Mai can still manage it all. Just imagine if you can date your favorite artist and don’t have to hold back secretly because your boyfriend can manage it all. Shiawase desho ?

+ Accept Your Weird Fetishes
Sakuta is not a beta MC who acts badly and looks mean when he is around girls. He clearly says his fetish is like willing to be stepped on or honestly expressing his perverted thoughts to Mai-san. But don’t worry, he’s still really my character, because he doesn’t look like MC Lucky sukebe .

Well, normally women will refuse and even stay away from men who say that. It’s different with Mai. Mai can understand her lover’s fetish, as long as it doesn’t cross the line. Yes, because fetish talk is just talk. Even kissing the lips is never shown in the anime .

But still, when it comes to ecchi talk like this, women like Mai are quite rare. Moreover, Sakuta’s work helped many other girls. Although jealous, Mai still allowed Sakuta to go help other women. This is a very noble waifu .

+ Easily Blushed
If we talk about Sakuta who is famous for his honest heart, there will definitely be no end. Apart from expressing his lecherous thoughts, Sakuta was also too light-hearted in speaking fondly of Mai. He was even willing to scream incoherently in expressing his feelings to Mai without shame.

Sakuta’s behavior like this made Mai blush easily. His tsundere nature immediately came out replacing the cold demeanor he had shown from the start. This doesn’t mean that Mai is an easy girl. Sakuta needed a struggle and also broke his shame in order to get this one LSBH girl . What would have been very fun if we could tease the waifu and keep the tsundere out . Good soul.