[Waifu Wednesday] Kanon Nakagawa & Apollo


Kanon Nakagawa ! Waifu or the heroine who became Keima Katsuragi’s third target from the series ” Kami Nomi zo Shiru Sekai “/” The World God Only Knows ” finally got her turn in this rubric. Not forgetting also the existence of Apollo , as the Goddess who dwells in his heart. For that, let’s find out the profile of our idol of this one first.

Kanon Nakagawa is an idol who is now active solo after leaving the Citron idol unit. Kanon is also still active as a student at Maijima Private High School and is in the same class as Keima, Ayumi , Chihiro , and Elsie in class 2-B. Waifu, whose birthday is March 3, 2021, lives alone in an apartment on the advice of his manager and family. Kanon also has a figure named “Maron” which is used in ” Magic Star Kanon 100% “.

Kanon is known for his revealing appearance. With short pink hair and pink eyes, he became the most costumed character from the manga’s debut to the end of the series. This idol has a height of 161 cm and a weight of 45 kg. The three sizes that have been released are 86-58-85. Nao Touyama is the voice actor for this character.

Then Apollo, the second Goddess of the Jupiter Sisters who resides in Kanon’s heart. What distinguished Apollo from Kanon was the triangular markings under his eyes. Not only that, there is a pink dot on his forehead.

So what about his personality? Here are some points to consider:

Stun Gun Attack
The Idol Arc was an arc that Keima probably wanted to forget as soon as possible. As the third target, Kanon had already tortured Keima physically and mentally. However, Keima who was patient and motivated enough to complete his task, managed to withstand this attack so that the spirit that was descending on Kanon could come out.

Is there a special reason that causes Kanon to use a stun gun? Of course there are, and this relates to the next negative point I’m going to cover. Especially if you have been provoked by the “attention” of the interlocutor or the audience. To better understand this cause, we turn to….

Fear of Invisibility
As an idol, this heroine should have attracted the attention of fans and other people so that she can achieve fame. However, an idol is also a human. In Kanon’s case, she is also a high school student who happens to attend the same high school and class as Keima. When Keima doesn’t think of Kanon as “someone” when he’s around him, this idol usually attacks with his stun gun .

While attacking, Kanon would ask vile questions to his victims, “Why? Why didn’t you notice my presence? Well, at least respect her by acknowledging her existence .

+ You give attention, You also receive attention
As a commoner who is also still a high school student, paying attention to others or in this case Kanon Nakagawa, of course, we don’t necessarily expect the same attention from him. However, specifically for Kanon, this attention can be the seed of an early friendship that can grow in a more intimate direction.

But there is one thing that needs to be needed to maintain a friendship with him, namely patience. Patience because we rarely meet, patience to listen to the story (because Kanon is quite talkative), patience to get stun gun, and much more. Again, it takes patience and maybe some martial arts to confiscate the stun gun in the worst case.

+ Nao Touyama
It should be noted that Kanon Nakagawa is the first leading role for Naobou (Nao Touyama’s nickname) since debuting as a voice actor in 2010. By playing this heroine , Naobou also made his debut as a singer. It can be said that her role as Kanon is a breakthrough in her career in Japanese entertainment.

How about his voice? Since the beginning of his career until now, when playing characters who are known to be cheerful, Naobou’s voice is heard in playing characters such as Kongou ( Kantai Collection ), Karen Kujou ( Kin’iro Mosaic ), Yui Yuigahama ( Oregairu ), and many more.