[Waifu Wednesday] Hinata Hyuuga


This time I want to commemorate a series that has accompanied us all for more than a decade. This series is one of the most popular series in Shonen Jump magazine and its legacy continues even today. Yes, I am talking about the Naruto series and that means, this week I will be discussing the waifu of the series. None other than Hinata Hyuuga from the famous Hyuuga family.

Hinata, a shy girl who is often scared every time she meets Naruto, is unexpectedly able to finally become the partner of the main character. At first Hinata looks like a shy girl who can’t be relied on, always hiding behind other people, and doesn’t want to stand out. But as time went on, this girl became bolder and bolder, although she was still more often embarrassed, her feelings were finally conveyed.

I was confused about whether I should use the name Hyuuga or the name Uzumaki, considering that the princess was already married to Naruto. However, if you want to become a waifu , it’s better if we target girls who are not married to other people, because they will become NTR. What are Hinata’s strengths as a waifu ? Let’s discuss it together.

+ Hardcore girl
Not only as a ninja, but also a woman and family, Hinata is a very strong woman. Although usually he is very shy and doesn’t dare to take a step forward, when his friends are in danger. Not only once did he save Naruto from danger. Like when he used his body to protect Naruto from Nagato’s vital attacks, or revived the spirit of his partner who had dimmed. Nagato’s vital attack even had time to kill Hinata even if only for a moment.

He can even still fight after Neji, his brother died in the war he still fights hard. Proving that his determination is not messing around as a ninja. Maybe you need a strong and determined waifu, Hinata is perfect for you.

+ Very loyal to his partner
Unlike Sakura, who sometimes gets confused between Naruto and Sasuke, then Ino, who from Sasuke for some reason even turns to Sai, the man Hinata likes has never changed. Only Naruto was in his head, starting from not daring to look into his eyes, until finally the two of them dared to walk hand in hand, this made him one of the most loyal waifu in the world of anime and manga , it seems yes.

+ Strong and Talented
Being a descendant of the Hyuuga clan, Hinata has the power of the inherited family and can be put to good use. In addition to the Byakugan which allows him to see through, see far, even to the point of being able to see almost 360 degrees. Born in the Hyuuga family, he is an expert in the Juuken martial arts flow which allows him to attack the enemy’s chakra points. Hinata is actually a very strong person, but her soft heart makes her not want to hurt others.

So for example, if you have a fight at home, at least you don’t need to be hit wrong with Hinata.

+ Understanding mother
Given that her husband is now the seventh Hokage , Hinata must be busy at home accompanying her child and taking care of the house so that her two children don’t get naughty. Unfortunately, one child seems to be descended from his father, who as a child was naughty and dissatisfied with the world. If you are looking for a woman who can fight, understand, not restrain, but can still be a good mother to your children, look no further .

I’m pretty sure Hinata has very high qualities as a woman. He is not easily angered, he is good at household matters, can defend himself, compassionate, understanding, and the list goes on, and on, and on . Even if there is a weakness in this one woman, it might just be her shy nature, which she can leave behind with Naruto’s help. Can you help Hinata forget her shyness?

But are there any obstacles for you to propose to Hinata? Let’s take a look at the obstacles that come your way.

Hyuuga Family
Before proposing to Hinata, remember that she is the daughter of the Hyuuga family, not just anyone can approach her or you will become a vegetable after being beaten by Hiashi-sama , Hinata’s father. Maybe you can’t even beat Hanabi, Hinata’s little sister. Still dare to try to touch the daughter of the Hyuuga family?

If you can’t beat Naruto, maybe your chances are as thin as tissue paper divided by 2.

– Can’t hide anything
How can it hide anything when the Byakugan can see through? It means you can’t buy adult magazines secretly, you can’t hide food, almost all secrets can be revealed by Hinata. Even though he probably won’t punish you right away, I think it’s more normal to see him sulking because of your naughty behavior.

– Hard to approach
At first, Naruto never approached Hinata or tried to get close to that one girl. Hinata was the one who from the start tried to become someone closer to Naruto. That is, there must be an action that makes Hinata pay attention to you, because once she has glanced at you, her love will not fade into adulthood. It’s hard when you approach Hinata first.

I’m sure Hinata is a waifu figure who is loved by many people, kind, understanding, and friendly. Waifu like this are hard to find in the midst of so many cute moe characters who are also yandere and wanton. Moreover, Hinata is also a ninja, so there is no need to be afraid if a thief enters the house, you don’t need CCTV, just ask Hinata to see who the thief is using the Byakugan.