VVYND: Orbit Single review.

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After more than six years of waiting, VVYND released their latest single “Orbit” in early 2023 yesterday. The transformation process that VVYND has gone through in recent years becomes the narrative depicted in “Orbit”.

In this moment of reflection, VVYND admits his dissatisfaction with a life full of compromises, no freedom to express himself and no longer being himself.

Former musician Kevin Wiyarnanda Djojodirono, real name, released a single titled “Overload” in 2016. “Orbit” is the latest single born from Kevin’s journey of self-discovery over the past few years. “The song starts with me full of insecurities and worries. “‘Orbit’ gives all listeners a moment of optimism, where we are in control and where all parts of us are celebrated,” said VVYND about the meaning of the song he wrote.

Kevin Wiyarnanda VVYND

Produced by Gamaliel Abram Pradipta, “Orbit” has become a symbol of VVYND’s freedom, returning to his childhood dreams. He sang this song in dreams, objectives, Little Kevin, full of courage, now refers to what is missing inside him. “It’s finally time to make little Kevin proud,” he added.

Local music lovers already understand that R&B is one of the mainstream music genres. The presence of new works from this genre cannot go unnoticed by our music radar. “Orbit” is one of those local R&B hidden gems that should be hailed for its competition-worthy vocal quality. VVYND has the falsetto vocals that have become his trademark since “Overload”. Despite being separated by seven years, these two VVYND songs have very different arrangements and vibes.

So it’s not unusual enough to be the main single announcing the comeback of this musician in the local music industry. “Orbit” is still classified as an intro or commercial by VVYND. With the simplicity of the gentle R&B composition, VVYND’s vocals stand out even more and welcome listeners to look forward to more.

“Orbit” also features a video clip produced by VVYND himself and directed by Sabina Renika. “We hope that the video clip for ‘Orbit’ will accompany all listeners out there on a journey of self-discovery,” said VVYND of the release of the video clip for his latest single.