Vulgar Appearance In ‘Narco-Saints’ Shocked The Public, This Former Girl Group Member Opened Her Voice


A Former Member Of A Girl Group Surprised The Audience On The Netiflix Series ‘Narco-Saints’ With Her Sexy Appearance. The Former Girl Group Member Also Opened Up About The Casting Of ‘Narco-Saints’.

Netflix series ” Narco-Saints ” continues to attract attention. Apart from choosing the location setting, the appearance of former girl group members in the series also attracted attention . The reason is, Yewon , a former member of the girl group Jewerly , appeared quite vulgar in one of the scenes in “Narco-Saints”.

In the series “Narco-Saints” Yewon plays a colleague of Jeon Yo Hwan ( Hwang Jung Min ). Yewon attracted a lot of attention after showing off her figure wearing red underwear lying on the bed. Even though while in the group, he was known for his cute image.

Recently, Yewon finally opened up about her appearance in “Narco-Saints”. Yewon in particular talked about auditioning for her role in the series “Narco-Saints”.

This was conveyed when Yewon was a guest star for the MBC FM4U radio program “Kim Shin Young’s Noon Song of Hope” on Tuesday (20/9). Initially the DJ, Kim Shin Young asked Yewon about how she got the role in “Narco-Saints”.

“Did you audition for the role?” asked DJ Kim Shin Young. “Yes. Initially, the audition was not face-to-face. At that time, because of the situation related to the corona virus, I sent an audition video. After a certain point, when the video was among the finalists, I held a meeting with the director,” Yewon replied.

“From what I read on the news, I heard that the role has a 500:1 competition,” Kim Shin Young continued to ask.

Responding to Shin Young’s question, Yewon revealed that the competition that took place might even be more than that. The reason is, Yewon said that there are not many female characters in “Narco-Saints”.

“Maybe it’s more [competitive] than that. There aren’t many female characters [in this series] so I heard there are many people who want the role,” said Yewon.

I was so nervous.In the final round, I met and greeted the director, but he didn’t know it was me. watching the video [that I sent], he told me that he didn’t know I was someone who was active as a girl group, so I gained confidence.” . . . . . . .