Voice of Silence Film Review: Heartwarming Crime Drama Film


Have you ever asked yourself: am I a good person? This simple question became the main premise in the film Voice of Silence , starring Yoo Ah-in and Yoo Jae-myung. This crime drama genre film has a different approach when it comes to storytelling. No gloomy and gloomy pictures. There are even pictures of landscapes with heart-warming colors. Curious? Check out the full review in this article.

The Story of Two Egg Sellers

Voice of Silence opens with a scene where Tae-in (Yoo Ah-in) and Chang-bok (Yoo Jae-myung) are selling eggs. At first glance their lives seem like ordinary people. Sell ​​in the market, then go home. But after selling, Tae-in and Chang-bok didn’t go home right away. They have another job, namely as a “cleaner” alias cleaning the crime scenes of the mafia. Their job desk includes cleaning the blood and burying the bodies killed by the mafia. Everything must be done cleanly, leaving no trace. The pay? Of course it is much bigger than selling eggs in the market.

Tae-in and Chang-bok also work hard when they are cleaners (just like when they sell eggs). They even pray for the bodies killed by the mafia, so they can rest in peace in the wild. Yes, Tae-in, and Chang-bok did not feel guilty by profession cleaner in which they live. After all, they do not deal directly with the mafia. Because they are just “cleaners”.

Who would have thought that this egg seller also works as a cleaner for the mafia (Photo: imdb)

The storyline gets even more interesting, when Chang-bok and Tae-in get a special request from the mafia leader, which is to pick up and take care of one person for one day. Unable to refuse, Chang-bok accepts the request. The next day, this egg seller and cleaner duo realized that they were involved in a child kidnapping. Yes, it turns out that they have to take care of a daughter named Cho-hee. Until he was ransomed by his parents.

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Things got even more chaotic, because the mafia boss who had “entrusted the child” was suddenly killed. Chang-bok and Tae-in also have to rack their brains to be able to complete their work: taking care of the child and asking his parents for ransom.

A Heartwarming Crime Drama with Many Issues

As we said above, Voice of Silence will not present gloomy images with lots of violent scenes to the audience. This film actually presents the warmth of Chang-bok and Tae-in’s relationship, like a parent to a child. But the “warmth” was what stirred the emotions of the audience. Why? Because these two egg sellers treat Cho-hee like their own family, rather than as a kidnap hostage.

The issue of stockholm syndrome is presented in a straightforward manner in this film, so you don’t feel it. You can watch as Cho-hee, who was scared, becomes comfortable with Chang-bok and Tae-in. You could even say Tae-in and Cho-hee have an emotional closeness. Since Cho-hee lives (or is held hostage) at Tae-in’s house. Cho-hee feels Tae-in accepts her more as a family than her own parents. Even Cho-hee helps Tae-in and Chang-bok to write a letter asking for a ransom.

Another issue that is also discussed in this film is the strong patriarchy in South Korea. Imagine, Cho-hee who was kidnapped was not ransomed by her parents because she was a daughter. Makes Cho-hee’s father think twice about making up for it with money. After all, Cho-hee’s parents still have a son. Wouldn’t you be sad if you were in the same situation as Cho-hee??

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Opinion OpenReview

For BukaReview, Voice of Silence is a film that entertains and taps our hearts through drama and heartwarming pictures . This minimal dialogue film also spreads many satirical jokes that will make you laugh bitterly. For us, Yoo Ah-in and Yoo Jae-myung’s performances in this performance were top-notch. Moreover, Yoo Ah-in, the character never talks. So he has to show his feelings through facial expressions. Not to mention Cho-hee’s acting, it’s really heart-wrenching. In fact, he doesn’t cry at all in this film.

For those of you who are looking for a crime-themed film that is not on the market, and curious about the ending of the story of Tae-in, Chang-bok, and Cho-hee. You should watch Voice of Silence . Guaranteed you will not guess the ending of the film.