Vladimir Guerrero Jr. sends the autographed ball to Justin Raley after being struck out [Sports News]

This week a video went viral in which Justin Raley, a position player for the Tampa Bay Rays, struck out Vladimir Guerrero Jr. after being called to pitch thanks to the big difference in the score that existed in the game against the Blue Jays. from Toronto.

A ball of about 50 miles per hour struck out the powerful Dominican hitter and laughter was seen from both sides, since it is difficult to see a star strike out with such a slow pitch.

As a mark of respect, and a “you beat me” message, Guerrero Jr. sent the punch ball to Raley, showing what a good competitor he’s been since his MLB debut.

Raley had confessed that he was scared when he saw Guerrero Jr. stand in the batter’s box, but he was still able to get out of the turn with a high pitch, which surprised the Toronto first baseman.

That match ended 20 runs to 1 for the Blue Jays, but the great moment of that commitment was the turn that faced an outfielder and one of the best hitters in the Major Leagues in recent years, candidate for American League MVP.