Visiting Romantic Places, Krystal’s Scene – B1A4’S Jinyoung At ‘Police University’ This Even Makes It Sad


The Latest Episode Of ‘Police University’ Which Aired On Monday (4/10) Also Presented A Sad Moment For Krystal And Jinyoung B1A4. Curious What The Snippet Looks Like?

KBS has aired the latest episode of ” Police University ” on Monday (4/10) last night. There are many heartbreaking scenes in this episode, one of which is when Oh Kang Hee ( Krystal ) takes Kang Sun Ho ( B1A4’s Jinyoung ) to a romantic place.

In the latest episode of “Police University”, Oh Kang Hee became very upset after deciding on Kang Sun Ho. That’s why he finally expressed his honest feelings when he met his idol. In addition, he also took Kang Sun Ho to Ayang’s Love Forest.

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Arriving there, Oh Kang Hee explains that this is a pretty meaningful place for him. Because he always comes here every time his mother goes to jail and this is where he waits for his return.

Their conversation became more serious when Kang Sun Ho expressed his desire to quit college. Kang Sun Ho said, I don’t want to break up with you. I really don’t want to, but I’m not good enough to be by your side.

Didn’t you hear me? I said I separated and met my mother here again. So make sure you do the same. Come back and meet me here, said Oh Kang Hee.

That was the end of their sad conversation in a romantic place. This moment is certainly very unfortunate, because Kang Sun Ho actually resigned from the Police University the next day.

This couple’s sad romance seems to have an effect on the rating for the latest episode of “Police University”. The reason is, the 15th episode of this drama recorded a rating of 5.5 percent which marked a decrease of 0.5 percent from the previous episode.

This drama itself only leaves one final episode and will end on Tuesday (5/10) tonight. Later the ” Police University ” airing slot will be replaced with ” The King’s Affection ” starring SF9’s Rowoon and Park Eun Bin .

Krystal Hadiri Wisuda Tanpa Jinyoung B1A4, Begini Bocoran Episode Terakhir 'Police University'

Krystal Attends Graduation Without Jinyoung B1A4, Here’s The Leak Of The Last Episode Of ‘Police University’

Ahead Of The Airing Of The Last Episode Of ‘Police University’, The Production Team Released Several Photos Of The Scene As Well As Giving Interesting Leaks As Follows.

” Police University ” will air its last episode on Tuesday (5/10) tonight. Towards the end, the production team released several photos of new scenes as well as giving a brief leak to viewers.

In the previous episode, Kang Sun Ho ( B1A4’s Jinyoung ) decided to leave the Police University after completing an investigation into an illegal gambling case. This decision certainly made Oh Kang Hee ( Krystal ), Yoo Dong Man ( Cha Tae Hyun ) and their friends devastated.

In the midst of viewers’ curiosity about Kang Sun Ho’s whereabouts, the production team released new stills showing the graduation ceremony of his classmate. The ceremony went smoothly and solemnly.

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In the photo, Oh Kang Hee, No Bum Tae ( Lee Dal ), Jo Joon Wook ( Yoo Young Jae ) and Park Min Kyu ( Chu Young Doo ) look more charismatic than before. They exude the aura of “real” police ready to step into society.

The photo also shows Professor Yoo Dong Man watching the ceremony with mixed feelings. He looks happy to see his students make good memories at the graduation ceremony.

On the other hand, he looked sad that Kang Sun Ho wasn’t among them. That’s why viewers are curious about what happened to Kang Sun Ho and whether he will continue his relationship with people at the university.

Along with the release of the photo of the scene, the producers of “Police University” also gave a brief spoiler for the last episode of this drama. According to him, the characters will continue to reflect on their lives until the end.

The producers said, “In today’s final episode, both professors and students will constantly ponder, make other choices and face a new future. Please look forward to the last page of the drama to see the direction of those who have built a stronger bond than anyone else in the drama.” Police University.”

Meanwhile, the “Police University” airing slot will be replaced with ” The King’s Affection ” starring SF9’s Rowoon and Park Eun Bin . The plan, this drama will start airing on October 11.