[Virtual Journal] BlueHeaven


Hello loyal JOI readers! It doesn’t feel like Virtual Journal has arrived at its last issue for JOI. Yes, you read correctly. This is the last Virtual Journal article to be published in JOI. Thank you for reading Virtual Journal all this time. It’s been more than a year since this youngest rubric has been published.

For the last issue of Virtual Journal, I present the profile of a vtuber who has been most eagerly awaited to be published in this article. Who else if BlueHeaven , the only writer in the Indonesian Otaku Journal who has officially debuted as a vtuber and is the only solo writer working on this rubric.

There have been many articles in the past on this site, so it would be better if we got to know the person right away!

Unsung Virtual Writer (Only Available Now)

So after searching, BlueHeaven still doesn’t have any pages that explain what kind of background vtuber it brings and the like. So this article will be the first as a primary source of written information circulating on the internet. This is a sign of service from a writer and at the same time a vtuber who has written a lot for many vtubers and digs for very deep information, but is still wise in spreading disgrace properly ( eg yesterday’s yopi article ).

BlueHeaven is the pen name of the writer and vtuber who has the name Aoshō Tenkei (蒼礁 ) . But don’t bother, just call Sensei . The writer who is still strong in writing with a quill was born on March 15 with the year still being kept secret. He appeared in a plain white t-shirt with the two kanji for his names ‘Ao’ (Blue) and ‘Ten’ (Heaven) with a cross necklace hanging around his neck. The writer who has spiky hair also uses haori with unique motifs and geta sandals that reflect Japanese culture. In haori there are 6 kinds of flowers:morning glory (williful promises), pectelis radiata (purity), sakura (transience of life), forget-me-not (true love), white anemone (sincere), bluebell (grateful) , with three levels of blue gradually depicted with maple leaves from the darkest bottom to the lightest at the top. This character design was done by Springveiv .

Before discussing the vtuber persona further, let’s first get to know BlueHeaven as the author of JOI. BlueHeaven started his career as a writer for the Indonesian Otaku Journal in November 2018. The article he wrote first was a review of the Maquia anime , but what was published first was news about the sale of the novel Aobuta . In the same year, he published his first proud article that he had promised since he first came to JOI, a long guide to LSBH . Now this understanding has begun to spread and is widely known among otaku. What? You don’t know what it means? So, please read the article.

His writings are increasingly growing and recognized by many readers. Some of the interesting articles that he issued the following year were ’10 Waifu Who Left and Never Came Back ( Part 1 , Part 2 ) ‘, ‘ CGDCT, More Than Just Moe ‘ . In addition to the articles above, he is also active in writing waifu wednesday and seasonal anime reviews.

In 2020, BlueHeaven released a guide article about the vtuber world before finally releasing the latest rubric that you are now reading, Virtual Journal . Until now, there have been dozens of vtubers written in the Virtual Journal both from within the country and abroad.

Live Writing, A Different Touch from a VTuber
Duh, where’s the discussion for the vtuber ? Eits, be patient.. be patient.. this is just about to be told. So to dig deeper into the ins and outs of vtuber , BlueHeaven finally debuted as a full vtuber on November 28, 2020.

Previously, BlueHeaven had been active in live streaming activities, especially for the Shadowverse game because it was affiliated with Shadowverse Indonesia and the Imajin Epic Victory eSports team . He also uses a female avatar that he calls an assistant. His assistant named Amanohara Aoi has long straight black hair which is his proud fetish .

After debut, BlueHeaven put all its creativity in creating content as a vtuber . So, he is not a vtuber to just pass. Some of the content he displays is also unusual. Live writing is content where you can watch how he writes live.

So if it ‘s normal for vtubers to live singing or live drawing , or even live to make music, it turns out that there are vtubers who are active in live writing activities . It is rare for writing to show the process live , even for writers or non-virtual content creators. This is obvious because it takes a lot of concentration to write and a process that is not easy to display while streaming . Writing is actually not too foreign in the world of entertainment . Try it if there is no story or script writing, which is the exclamation of a work. So live writing is a different sensation that you rarely get except on the BlueHeaven channel which almost every week releases this content.

Through writing directly, he can also ask the audience about the route, choice of words, and even names to be immediately applied in his raw writing. He has produced many writings during his live writing , ranging from various one-shot stories to serial online novels that tell about himself and his assistants. There are also stories for some vtubers that he wrote as gifts. Apart from stories, he also writes articles for JOI which he broadcasts live. You can also apply for a commission for writing services by contacting Sensei via twitter.