Vinicius Junior suddenly stagnates at Real Madrid, what’s the reason, Ancelotti?


Real Madrid manager Carlo Ancelotti commented on the decline in Vinicius Junior ‘s performance in his team. He thinks the winger is only in a bad period and that could end soon.

This season Vinicius has become a rising star in the Real Madrid squad. Since being handled by Carlo Ancelotti, he has shown an impressive performance.

But unfortunately Vinicius’s performance has recently begun to decline. He has minimally scored or assisted again for Real Madrid.

Ancelotti has an explanation as to why Vinicius has minimal contribution to his team. He believes that the winger is just in a bad moment.

Not Just Vinicius

Ancelotti considers that Vinicius is not the only Real Madrid player who is sluggish. He assessed that almost the entire El Real squad was experiencing a decline in performance.

So he considers the situation that Vinicius is experiencing is normal and he believes the winger can rise from adversity.

“He [Vinicius] has the same problem with our team as a whole, namely that our form has been down lately,” Ancelotti told Real Madrid’s official website

Will Rise

Ancelotti said that one of the reasons Vinicius broke down was because he was tired. Because Real Madrid’s schedule was relatively tight during the month of January.

He believes the winger’s performance will improve in the near future, because after this Real Madrid’s schedule is relatively more relaxed.

“He underwent a very intense schedule during January. The next three weeks our schedule is not too busy, so I’m sure he will find his best performance again,” he said.

Next Game Real Madrid is scheduled to return to play in La Liga in the early hours of this morning. They will play the 25th jornada of La Liga.

In this match they will host La Liga’s dark horse team, Deportivo Alaves.