Video: Ambulance ran over a motorcyclist and ended up overturned when trying to flee


Witnesses to the event stated that the ambulance was moving at excessive speed.  Social networks
Witnesses to the event stated that the ambulance was moving at excessive speed. Social networks

Because all ambulances are not owned by cities or municipalities, on several occasions cases have been reported in which this type of vehicle is mobilized with speeding to get as quickly as possible to deal with road accidents and not precisely to urgently care for those affected, but because of the business it has become for medical workers.

In an incredible fact recorded in Calian ambulance that was going to attend to a traffic accident ended up running over a motorcyclist, to which the driver of the vehicle decided not to provide first services to the affected person but to try to escape from the place, for whichIn his eagerness to withdraw from the site, he ended up overturning the car.

Witnesses affirmed that the WGK 372 license plate ambulance He was moving exceeding the speed limits on calle 15A with carrera 23 of the capital of the Cauca’s Valleya journey in which he ignored a traffic signal without noticing the presence of a man who was traveling on a motorcycle, for which reason ended up running over the subject with the vehicle.

After the crash, the crew members of the ambulance avoided attending to the motorcyclist and chose to escape from the point, however, this was not possible because Due to the speed at which the vehicle was moving, the driver lost control and ended up overturning a few meters from where the injured motorcyclist was; the loud noises that were heard due to the two accidents made the community leave their homes to realize the fact.

In this way, the residents of the sector became aware of the moments in which other ambulances had arrived to the scene to try to raise the overturned vehicle and escape from the site, an action that would not have been allowed by other citizens. In addition, one of these decided to record with his cell phone the moments of tension in which dozens of people gathered on the avenue after the event.

Fortunately, the motorcyclist was not seriously injured.

In the video that was shared by different users on social networks, the presence of several health workers with different colors of uniform is evident, in addition to the fact that on the site there were at least two more ambulances outside the one that was overturned; One of these men spoke with the affected motorcyclist who indicated that he was driving towards his home after finishing his workday when he was hit.

At that moment, one of the citizens did not allow the young motorcyclist to continue chatting with the worker of one of the ambulances, indicating that he should wait for the authorities to arrive so that that information was received by a traffic agent; The affected man can be seen visibly injured, since he walks with difficulty and his pants were visibly torn in the part of the left knee.

According to the report delivered by the Cali Mobility Secretariat, the information provided by the witnesses actually corresponds to the events recorded on the night of Saturday, May 6, at the height of Calle 15A with Carrera 23; Besides that the ambulance that ended up overturned did not have a valid Soat and the driver did not have a traffic license.

Faced with this, the Undersecretary of Health and Provision of Services of Caliassured to The country that the pertinent sanctions be implemented against the ambulance workers and the company to which the vehicle is affiliated, in addition to seeking that these organizations guarantee the safe transport of the injured in the city.

“The Ministry of Health has been doing its job, will continue to do it and will reinforce it together with the Ministry of Mobility and Security and Justice. We will be permanently present on public roads and we are going to implement all the sanctioning actions that may be necessary so that the companies guarantee this transport in a safe manner”, declared Yanet Vélez Jaramillo in this regard.

The official admitted that despite the fact that many of the companies understand the responsibility they have when transporting the injured, more work is needed to comply with the norm; this because health has become a business, this because the first ambulance that arrives at an accident charges a percentage of the Soat policywhich makes the drivers of these vehicles seek to arrive as quickly as possible before the smallest road accident.