Very hot! Serie A and Premier League have yet to win

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Approaching the end of the 2021/22 season at the end of May, several competitions in Europe have spawned champions. However, what happened in Serie A and the Premier League this season was completely different.

It was recorded, starting from Ligue 1, Bundesliga, and LaLiga, all of them have officially spawned the name of the club that became the champion. Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) won Ligue 1, Bayern Munich controlled the Bundesliga, while Real Madrid won LaLiga.

However, specifically for the Premier League and Serie A, until now they have not spawned a champion. Tight competition is still going on, it could even last until the end of the competition.

1. Manchester City and Liverpool are fighting for the Premier League crown

So far, the Premier League title is still being fought for by two clubs, namely Liverpool and Manchester City. These two teams have been the most consistent throughout the season. As a result, the difference between the two points with Chelsea, who is in third place, is very far.

Liverpool, the team that is currently in second place, has a difference of 16 points with Chelsea. With the remaining matches, it is already difficult for Chelsea to catch up with Liverpool, let alone ManCity. On the other hand, ManCity and Liverpool are only one point apart.

Most recently, in match week 34, ManCity and Liverpool both won. Liverpool beat Newcastle United, while ManCity beat Leeds United. If this continues, it is possible that the title will be determined at the end of the season.

2. The duo of Milan and Napoli are crazy about each other

If the Premier League title is fought for by two teams, it is different with the Serie A title. There are three teams currently fighting for the title, namely Inter Milan, AC Milan and Napoli. Everyone has the same chance to win.

Napoli, who are in third place, are only four points clear of Milan at the top of the table, and two points off Inter in second. Inter also only two points at odds with Milan at the top of the standings.

Given this difference, there is still a chance for the three teams to win the title. However, in the end all will be determined consistency. Just slip once, the Serie A title will disappear from their grasp.

3. Serie A and Premier League only three to four weeks left

Now, Serie A and Premier League 2021/22 are drawing to a close. At best, there are only three to four weeks left, before the competition is finally declared to be finished this season.

All potential winners of the Serie A and Premier League are now being pressed for time. They must maintain their consistency, plus overcome the heavy pressure because the hope of winning must have been felt in their hearts.