Very Busy, Jessica Jung Shares Business Plans Until New Song Releases


Jessica Jung, Who Has Always Been The Center Of Public Attention, Is Revealing Her Latest Projects, Including Reality Shows With Her Sister And The Release Of New Songs.

Apart from being a celebrity, Jessica Jung’s ability to invite young people to do positive activities is quite active. Even in the midst of COVID-19, Jessica shared that she had other activities during this pandemic.

On Monday (20/9), Jessica recently had an interview with CNBC and she discussed what she was doing during the pandemic. Jessica revealed that she has been living in South Korea full-time since the pandemic began. Previously, Jessica said that she would go home to pack her things and leave again. But now he mostly enjoys sleeping in his own bed and spending time with his family.

Jessica who is now known as an influencer, she opened up about how the world of social media first started when she decided to switch careers from K-Pop idols to fashion entrepreneurs. “I was very lucky because my career actually started in an era where social media was just starting to take root. My fans and I started to build it together,” said Jessica.

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Jessica also revealed that she is currently working on music and hopes to release an album. Unfortunately, the album was postponed due to the pandemic.

Not only that, Jessica will also guide the show with her sister, Krystal f(x) on the latest reality show.

In addition, Jessica also revealed that she was finishing the sequel to her debut novel, “Shine”. “Bright” which is her previous novel will continue Rachel’s story and introduce new characters to readers.

Meanwhile, Jessica made her fans proud because she is known to do many interesting things. Including new song releases and reality shows with Krystal.

Without a doubt, Jessica Jung admits that she is a BLACKPINK fan - YouTube

Jessica Jung Admits She’s A BLACKPINK Fan, Answers Without Hesitation When Asked

BLACKPINK Has Achieved Worldwide Success With Their Charming Talent, Visuals, And Personalities, Which Fans Fall In Love With. However, It Wasn’t Just Netizens Who Were Fascinated.

When it comes to K-Pop groups, there is no denying that BLACKPINK ( Black Pink ) is one of the most popular in the industry. Even Jessica Jung who is a popular K-pop idol was also made to fall in love with them.

BLACKPINK has achieved worldwide success with their charming talent, visuals, and personalities, which fans can’t help but fall in love with. However, it wasn’t just netizens who were fascinated by the girl group.

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One idol who isn’t afraid to show his love for the group is former Girls’ Generation member Jessica Jung. He recently released a video on his YouTube channel where he answers fan questions about everything from his career, food choices, and more.

In this video, one of the questions that fans ask is which girl group she likes the most.

Fans couldn’t hide their excitement when Jessica stated that her favorite girl group is BLACKPINK. However, it wasn’t just the answers that made fans think he was a BLINK. It was the speed he answered. As soon as Jessica read the question, she gave her fans an answer almost without thinking and instinctively.

This isn’t the first time fans have noticed Jessica’s inner BLINK. When she celebrated her 32nd birthday, fans saw a special guest in her vlog, and it was Jennie.

Jessica is not the only idol who has recently shown her love for BLACKPINK. Girls’ Generation’s Hyoyeon also revealed that she is a fan of the group and chose Lisa for her amazing dancing skills.

Fans couldn’t hide their excitement to see Jessica mention this group. With their incredible talent, stunning visuals, and charming personalities, it’s no surprise that Jessica chose them as her favorite group.