Venom Hosts Besides Eddie Brock, There’s Deadpool


Venom is a creature from a planet called Klyntar who can become a parasite to the people he lands on. In the comic version, one of the symbiotes from the Marvel universe is quite often told to change hosts.

Eddie Brock became the most popular. Moreover, this character was chosen to host Venom in the live action film played by Tom Hardy in 2018. But then again, he is not the only one, ten names on this list have also hosted Venom.

Peter Parker
Peter Parker aka Spiderman is the first known host of Venom. The existence of this symbiote as a parasite on Peter’s body, gives him a new black Spiderman costume.

He’s stronger in that costume. However, Venom often takes over Peter’s body while he is asleep and the parasite intends to take over Peter’s body permanently.

Peter, who realized this odd thing, began to look for ways to get rid of the extraterrestrial from him. He repels Venom with a sound wave, the ringing of church bells and the force of rejection.

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Flash Thompson
Falsh Thompson is Peter Parker’s high school friend who often bully Peter. If you remember, Flash once appeared in Tobey Maguire’s version of Spiderman, in that film he also bullied the hero before being bitten by a spider and turning things around.

Well, Flash Thompson was once the host of Venom. After growing up, he became a soldier and lost a leg while on duty. He also became the object of an American military experiment that out of nowhere got the Venom symbiote and planned to turn it into a weapon.

The experiment is successful, Flash can be hosted but with a time limit of once every 48 hours. When the host of this parasite, Flash has a new codename, namely Agent Venom. When he became Agent Venom, he became a superhero, he joined The Secret Avengers and was also a member of the Guardians of the Galaxy .

Anne Weying
Have you watched the 2018 movie Venom? There is a character named Anne Weying played by Michelle Williams. In the comic version, Anne Weying is the ex-wife of Eddie Brock. Her job as a lawyer brings Anne so close to the New York criminal world that she gets caught in the crossfire with her client.

In order to save his ex-wife, Eddie Brock also gave the symbiote Venom to the dying Anne. Eddie’s efforts turned out to be successful, Anne Weying turned into She-Venom, but of course she can’t control the parasitic alien . He blindly killed the group that attacked him viciously.

Anne is afraid of herself when she unites with Venom. He carries his trauma over the years and blames Eddie Brock for it.


Lee Price
A calculating Army Ranger with a dark past named Lee Price has also hosted Venom. He happened to be stuck with the parasite while selling his services to criminals in the dark world. He’s a terrible version of Venom!

Lee managed to defeat the dominance of Venom and control the great power. As the host of an extraterrestrial symbiote , he commits crimes freely.