Venom Cast Played by Eddie Brock


Mac Gargan
Mac Gargan is a super villain with the nickname The Scorpion. He has the power of a mutation with the scorpion gene that he got as a guinea pig. He became Spiderman’s enemy and was unable to defeat the spiderman for years.

Finally Gargan looked for a way to increase his combat ability. He also finds the Venom symbiote being auctioned off to super villains and gets it.

Despite being rejected by Venom, Mac Gargan managed to master this power for a long time. He became very famous as Venom and briefly joined as the Dark Avengers founded by Norman Osborn.

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Gwen Stacy
Remember Emma Stone’s role in The Amazing Spiderman? Yep! She is Gwen Stacy, the boyfriend of Andrew Garfield’s version of Spiderman . In the comics, Gwen has an alter ego as a hero named Spider-Gwen who has powers similar to Peter Parker.

While trying to stop the symbiote Venom from sticking with his friends, Spider-Gwen becomes Gwenom instead . Gwen actually still has control over the parasite, she can even transform into Gwenom consciously.

But often the hatred makes it spiral out of control. Like when his father died and tried to take revenge by using the power of Venom. In the end, Gwen and Venom parted on good terms, even occasionally the symbiote helped Gwen in a precarious condition.

Ms. Marvel (Carol Danvers)
Carol Danvers aka Captain Marvel seems to be helping The Avengers in the battle against Thanos in the Endgame movie . In the comics, Carol first used the name Ms. Marvel before becoming Captain Marvel . It turns out that this superhero has also been Venom’s host.

Two years before becoming Captain Marvel , he and Spiderman had teamed up against Mac Gargan’s version of Venom. Danvers manages to separate Gargan from Venom, but that gives the symbiote a chance to cling to him.

But this did not last long, Spiderman swiftly kicked Ms. Marvel that Venom has attached to the power cord. Ms. Marvel also managed to escape from Venom and the parasite returned to Gargan’s body.


Guardians of the Galaxy
As discussed earlier, the Flash Thompson version of Venom, aka Agent Venom, was once a member of Guardians of the Galaxy. Together with these space heroes, Flash brings Venom back home to the planet Klyntar.

However Venom tries to escape, he manages to cling to Groot, Rocket Raccoon and Drax. But finally Venom was defeated and returned to Flash’s body.

Laura Kinney (X-23)
If you remember, in the 2017 film Logan, which is the moment of Wolverine’s death , there is a girl who accompanies Logan throughout the film. The child’s name is Laura Kinney, who in the comic version will have Wolverine- like powers and use the name X-23.

Laura was also the host of Venom. During his umpteenth attempt to escape the research facility, he finds a container containing Venom. Laura accidentally opened the container and the parasite stuck to it.

Laura manages to control Venom, she can resist the alien’s desire to eat humans. Uniquely, Laura’s version of Venom has the ability to release a small portion of Venom to give to others.

His friends who also became guinea pigs managed to escape by utilizing the Venom powers given by Laura.