Venom actor Tom Hardy hints to be joining Spider-Man


The Venom 2 film , entitled Venom: Let There Be Carnage, is ready to be released in October. The actor, Tom Hardy, returns to star in the main character, Eddie Brock, a journalist who incarnates as a monster named Venom.

Playing the Marvel comic adaptation character in a Sony Pictures film, Tom Hardy recently confirmed that his character could be included in the Marvel Cinematic Universe franchise by Marvel Studios.

In fact, Tom Hardy seems to hint that he will compete acting with Tom Holland when they play Venom and Spider-Man, respectively. Although, Hardy did not explain whether the project was being worked on by Marvel Studios or Sony Pictures.

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Venom World
“There’s a Venom-Verse, you know, there’s a Spider-Verse, there’s a multiverse, there’s all kinds of connections and lore and mythologies to explore both laterally and moving forward in time,” Tom Hardy explained during an interview with ET Canada. , launched from Screen Rant , recently.

Waiting for Audience Response
Tom Hardy also noted that the meeting of Venom and Spider-Man in future projects, depending on who made it and how the audience reacts to the films that are ready to air.

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“Even with the foresight of where something might have gone or they hoped to go, it’s a combination of everyone in an alchemy of what’s going to happen,” he concluded.

sworn enemies become comrades
As we all know, Spider-Man and Venom have a history as mortal enemies in the stories of comics published by Marvel. But in certain stories, the two make a truce and become partners to work together.

In Spider-Man 3, which was released in 2007, Venom’s origins are made like the comics, namely knowing Spider-Man first before finally meeting Eddie Brock.

Spider-Man Hat: No Way Home
In addition, recently social media was shocked by a photo of Tom Hardy wearing a hat with the Spider-Man: No Way Home logo.

At that time, Hardy was meeting filmmaker Lin Oeding. The filmmaker also showed off his portrait when he was with the actor while wearing the hat.

From there, many fans spread the portrait until many believed Tom Hardy was involved in the Spider-Man: No Way Home film .

Venom 2 Director Confirms There Will Be A Spider-Man Meets Venom Film Project

actor and director of Venom: Let There Be Carnage aka Venom 2 , Andy Serkis, has revealed the possibility of Venom’s character meeting Spider-Man on the big screen.

In an interview, Andy Serkis seemed to convince fans that the collaboration of the two Marvel characters could happen in a film in the future.

However, the Avengers: Age of Ultron and Black Panther actor still hasn’t mentioned exactly when and how the Spider-Man and Venom collaboration film will materialize on the big screen.

Many People’s Questions
“Look, that’s a question that pops up on everyone’s lips,” said Andy Serkis, starting a statement to IGN, citing

You know. In comics and animation, Venom is already known as Spider-Man’s mortal enemy. In fact, the two have even met in the 2007 film Spider-Man 3. Unfortunately, many fans claim to be dissatisfied with the portrayal.

At first joking
Initially, Serkis wrapped his answer with jokes so that it seemed that the fans’ hopes could not be realized.

“They want to know if Venom will meet Spider-Man, but personally, that will never happen,” continued Serkis, who immediately corrected his statement.

“I’m just kidding, of course it will happen …,” continued Serkis.

Can’t Be Random
However, Andy Serkis still notes that the story in the Venom and Spider-Man collaboration film cannot be done carelessly.



“So in a hurry, you might close the door,” he insisted.

Together This Year
Although Venom and Spider-Man still haven’t met on the same screen, a film about the two is certain to be out this year.

Venom: Let There Be Carnage is slated to arrive in October. While Spider-Man: Homecoming will air two months later, in December to be exact.