Venom 2: Tom Hardy is sexy, we pray that never happens


Is Andy Serkis’s Venom: Let There Be Carnage (which we’ll call Venom 2 so we don’t get bored) going to be a big box office hit for Marvel and Sony? Yes. Will we perhaps see clones of previous films putting parts back in the machine every year? Yes. Are we fed up with other uninspired franchise ideas? This is not completely impossible.

Blame it on capitalist society or on Tom Hardy’s enthusiasm, as the latter has indeed addressed in Digital Spy the question of the future of the antihero symbiotic franchise and there will undoubtedly be other films, maybe even many.

As such, the actor will state that it is very important for him to tell the full story in each film, as nothing has yet been decided regarding the continuation of this unlikely duo’s adventure. He also revealed, however, that there are already plans for Venom 3.

“These things usually come in threes. […] If there are new ones – they depend heavily on the success of the previous films, so don’t count on the fact that there will always be another d.’ – each one has to be like the last.”

Luckily, we were equipped with a Marvel language translator in excellent condition which allowed us to see more clearly. or the ongoing storyline.

That way, you don’t feel helpless when you suddenly have to release a third film. There has to be some continuity in the third and fourth and fifth films, and if someone says ‘no’ that’s okay. We just let it go, and move on.”

Therefore, the films will come with a trilogy , which should please the vast majority of the American press, who seem to appreciate it as a guilty and senseless pleasure, so many Internet users do not fail to let it be known with overwhelmingly positive reviews. .

To get an opinion on the adventures of Eddie Brock and his symbiote friends, you’ll need to head into the darkroom starting October 20 to find Venom: Let There Be Carnage.

Playing the Marvel comic adaptation character in a Sony Pictures film, Tom Hardy recently confirmed that his character could be included in the Marvel Cinematic Universe franchise by Marvel Studios.