Various Hanging Mysteries in Death on the Nile


Death on the Nile is a sequel to Murder on the Orient Express , both directed and starring Kenneth Branagh. Adapted from the novel by Agatha Christie, whose first printing was released in 1937, this film has a mystery genre in which detective Hercule Poirot (Branagh) who is on vacation in Egypt, must solve a case of the murder of a rich woman on a luxury yacht sailing a river. nile.

Although the film was released in theaters last February, and detective Poirot was able to uncover the killer of Linnet Ridgeway-Doyle (Gal Gadot) and other victims, there are still many things that keep fans curious until now, including various hanging mysteries that leave many plots . holes in the film . From side scenes to those that directly affect the story, what are the hanging mysteries in Death on the Nile? Check out the list below, geeks!

Why didn’t Linnet throw Jackie out?
The main plot of the film itself, begins with Jacqueline de Bellefort alias Jackie who is jealous of seeing her ex-lover, Simon Doyle, marry Linnet, where it makes her desperate to follow the honeymooning couple to Egypt. Feeling his relationship was threatened, Linnet then ordered Poirot to keep an eye on his former friend. Many onlookers thought, why didn’t he use his wealth to hire trained bodyguards? Though he could also order them and even if he wanted, Linnet could catch or chase him away.

Why Can Jackie Get on a Cruise Ship?
After marriage, Linnet and Simon immediately went on their honeymoon to Egypt, and held a private party for those closest to them on the luxury yacht, the SS Karnak. Surprisingly, as a person who was hated by Linnet, Jackie could suddenly be on a cruise ship, after buying a ticket to be involved in the honeymoon of the person he hated so much. Even after Poirot learned that Jackie was carrying a 22 caliber pistol, he was still allowed to be on the yacht. It was not explained why holiday service provider SS Karnak allowed people not on the list to board the yacht chartered by Linnet.

Why Does Bouc Lie?
Since the start of the film, Bouc has been described as one of Poirot’s acquaintances and even close friends. And towards the end of the murder case, it was revealed that Bouc was the first to see Linnet’s body. However, because he needed money to marry his girlfriend, Rosalie Otterbourne, he stole a diamond necklace and ran away. In fact he could have kept the necklace, and told the others, especially Poirot. As a friend, Poirot would have protected him while uncovering the murder case more quickly.

Why did Poirot let Andrew get away?
With the guests’ perfect alibis, Poirot still managed to reveal that Jackie and Simon were the masterminds behind Linnet’s murder. But why did Poirot choose to let Linner’s cousin Andrew Katchadourian go? In fact, he has been proven to have dropped a boulder on Simon and Linnet to cover up his corruption case in the business company owned by his cousin. In the end, when Andrew asked if he would be caught, Poirot only wished he had changed for the better. As a man who carries a gun everywhere, and intends to kill the cousin who employed him, prison should be the only place for him to repent.

What’s the Relationship Between Poirot and Salome?
Six months later after the murders of Linnet, Louise, and Bouc were resolved, in which Simon and Jackie were also told to have died together, Poirot was seen walking into a bar in London where Salome was singing. The question is why did Poirot suddenly seem interested in Salome? He even shaved his mustache and exposed his scars, as proof that he had moved on from his dead wife. However, throughout the film, it is not shown that there is any relationship between Poirot and Salome, only at the end which actually makes fans wonder.

Will There Be a Next Movie?
As we know, although Death on the Nile is a separate event from Murder on the Orient Express, the film is in the same universe as Poirot’s presence. So now the question is will there be a Hercule Poirot detective film next? Thankfully for this question, director Branagh himself has previously revealed that he is interested in further exploring Poirot’s story from Agatha Christie’s novels, and wants to immediately create a cinematic universe which he calls the Christie-Verse.

Those are the hanging mysteries from Death on the Nile, which answer at least one question, namely that Branagh wants to work on the next Hercule Poirot film and also create Christie-Verse. As a mystery film that was released amidst the onslaught of various action shows and superheroes, this detective film by Branagh has become an oasis in the middle of the desert, which has allowed fans to rest and enjoy an entertaining mystery story. What do you guys think, geeks, will you be able to answer another hanging mystery from this Death on the Nile movie ?