Vans to adapt the famous horror film into a new line of shoes


This Halloween, your feet will be spooky too with the latest Vans x Horror collection that will bring some of the most famous horror movies to your shoes.

The themed shoes are an established market, although they may have a little less than tugs – shirts and hats when it comes to merchandising. But that doesn’t stop us from having some really wacky creations from big footwear movies.

Today it’s Vans’ turn, who’s been preparing for this Halloween campaign for 2021 so that your feet will scare everyone away too… And without having to take your shoes off!

Vans x Horror is a new themed collection from the Californian brand that will launch this October and will pay homage to some of the most iconic horror films in cinema history.

Via Twitter, Vans has released a small video clip showing, high above, some of the shoes that will be part of the Vans x Horror collection and you won’t take long to recognize them.

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But in case anyone knows nothing, the video opens with sneakers paying homage to It (it), against a “chess” backdrop and a flashy red Pennywise balloon with which you’ll “float forever.”

The second pair could have done it with a knife, as Freddy Krueger couldn’t live without dealing a nice scratch on one of his sleepy victims in A Nightmare on Elm Street. The third pair will amaze us with … Radiance , evoking the motto of the important Stanley Kubrick film .

Closing the collection, or at least the example that Vans teaches, a pair of sneakers that take us camping one last time. Jason Mask on Friday the 13th led the draw for this new Vans x Horror pair.

We don’t know if another iconic horror saga will join this Halloween celebration that Vans has… or at its feet, but it will be a decent October for a great horror film franchise.

Four big horror titles inspired new shoes in a variety of styles, including two of Stephen’s favorites King It and The Shining. Also part of the collection are new shoe designs based on A Nightmare on Elm Street and Friday the 13th.

The first shoe to be revealed in this line was inspired by Stephen King’s It. The low-top shoe features a black-and-white checkered design decorated with floating red balloons. The message “you’ll float too” can be seen on the side of the shoe.It was rebooted for the big screen as a film in 2017 followed by the sequel It: Chapter Two in 2019.

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We can also take a peek at A Nightmare on Elm Street Vans with a high-top strap design.It wouldn’t be complete if they weren’t mottled with blood, so as you’d expect, they are. A Nightmare on Elm Street was rebooted in 2010, although most fans prefer the original film series launched by Wes Craven in 1984.

The Stephen King’s The Shining-inspired shoe features a lace high-top design.The phrase “REDRUM REDRUM” is repeated on the side, a reference to the film.

Also included in the Vans x Horror collection are Friday the 13th shoes with a slip-on low-top design. One shoe in the pair bears the familiar Friday the 13th movie logo, while the other includes a Jason Voorhees hockey mask. They are black, white, and red, mottled with white and red spots. There have been twelve Friday the 13th films made over the years, culminating in the 2009 reboot.

The Friday the 13th series is sorely missed by horror fans. Due to the ongoing legal battle that seems to have no end in sight, there are no new films to be developed by Hollywood studios any time soon. There was a fan film developed to keep the spirit of Jason Voorhees alive until he could be resurrected on the big screen. The latest in this fan film, Jason Rising, brings back original star Adrienne King to reprise his role asai Alice Hardy’s last girl.

The Vans x Horror collection will launch in October. If you can’t choose just one pair to wear, you may have to get all four if cost allows. We hope that more information will be revealed about the new horror shoe line soon.