V – Jennie was released dating photos again, was it an intentional attack on the day BLACKPINK re-appeared?

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These pictures were taken during the trip to Jeju (Korea) of V (BTS) and Jennie (BLACKPINK) in May 2022. The action of gurumiharibo is said to be intentionally attacking on the day BLACKPINK reappeared in order to attract greater attention.

Twitter account that has released a series of dating photos of V (BTS) and Jennie (BLACKPINK), openly challenging the two artists’ management companies to speak up and declare that they will sue if they think the released photos are fake. . After posting the first 2 photos, gurumiharibo’s Twitter account was locked due to a fan report . On the evening of September 15, gurumiharibo’s Twitter reopened and announced that it would continue to release dating photos of V – Jennie in the near future. As predicted by fans, gurumiharibo released photos on the morning of September 16 – the same day BLACKPINK returned.

4 photos released by gurumiharibo:
Gurumiharibo did not post the photo directly on Twitter, but posted it in a group on Telegram and shared the access link . This account said that 4 photos were taken by V and Jennie during their trip to Jeju in May 2022 – the time when the two idols’ dating news first surfaced with a photo of V driving and Jennie sitting in the passenger seat.

It is not clear the truth – the fake in the leaked photos of V and Jennie. The two management companies YG Ent and BigHit Music remained silent . Fans are angry that the user gurumiharibo is “being encroached on”, openly provocative and seriously infringes on the privacy of the idol. Posting dating photos on the exact day BLACKPINK’s comeback is said to be intentionally drawing attention and distracting the public’s focus on the group’s new product.

Fans hope that the two companies will soon speak up to clarify all rumors and protect their idols. Most fans urge not to argue about this rumor, focus on supporting the idols’ activities and respect the privacy and feelings of V and Jennie if the photo is true.