V (BTS) will release his first solo album after J-Hope?


The latest sharing of V (BTS) has caused fans to stir.

After BTS announced the suspension of group activities to focus on each member’s solo career, Army (BTS’s fandom) around the world constantly speculated about the 7 boys’ solo order.

On July 15, a full month after the shocking announcement, J-Hope opened the second chapter of BTS after 9 years of operation with his first solo album titled Jack In The Box. The album recorded some impressive digital achievements and was praised for showing J-Hope’s mischievous nature.

As shared in the video announcing the hiatus, J-Hope will make his solo debut first, followed by Suga, Jungkook and the other members. However, recently, fans were surprised with the revelations of V.

In V’s latest vlog posted on YouTube, the male singer revealed his personal project in the near future.

For the past 4 years, there have been times when I hesitated and hesitated with individual activities K-pop. However, news V BTS now I am in the process of doing it. I want to do everything when I have the opportunity, so I I talked to the director. I’m working hard to bring the best songs to my ARMYs, V shared.

Accordingly, the personal music project has been cherished by V for 4 years. Besides the experience accumulated through 9 years of accompanying BTS, the male singer is constantly learning new knowledge to improve and upgrade himself. In order to be able to create the best quality music products, regardless of the fans’ expectations.

In particular, V further revealed that he is a person with quite a lot of ambition. V wants to challenge himself through many different styles and genres of music. So, he made a long list of things he wanted to do, and tried shooting up to 8 MVs for new products, with extremely unique styles.

But in the end, V still decided to shorten it to get the best quality debut solo product.

V also hopes that the audience will wait for his upcoming project and promises that his first solo album will definitely not disappoint.

After V’s sharing, the audience continued to speculate about BTS members’ solo order. Although according to the announcement, Suga will be the second name, but it is also likely to be V. Because according to the male singer’s share, it seems that he is ready to release many music products. enthusiasm.

On the other hand, recently, V is a hot face when appearing as a guest at fashion week in Paris, France with Lisa (Blackpink) and Park Bo Gum. The audience thinks that HYBE should take advantage of the hot media charm to let V release a solo album as soon as possible.