V (BTS) has a different face in dark red lipstick makeup

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V’s excellent photo set made fans pay more than 6 million to buy BTS’ special album very satisfied.

BTS Proof Collector’s Edition is introduced as a special album by BTS. Priced at $275 (~ VND 6.5 million), the album includes exclusive content such as photos, interviews with members, and more.

Photos in BTS Proof Collector’s Edition are starting to roll out, and V (or Kim Taehyung) proves once again that he doesn’t need too many fancy costumes or props to attract attention.

In the photo shoots, V wears dark red lipstick, which is sometimes blurred. The red color becomes even more prominent when V wears a white shirt and minimalist trousers.

According to the fans’ research, it seems that V is trying to remind the campaign “Anti-bullying on the internet” through the set of photos. This campaign has been around since 2016 and V’s photo set has contributed to helping the movement go viral once again in the fan community.

In addition to the set of photos, V also answered a few small interviews, including the role he wants to play or personal experience in composing.

When asked which fictional character he wanted to be like, V chose boss Thomas Shelby from the English crime drama Peaky Blinders: Thomas Shelby from Peaky Blinders…Please watch this show. His aura. It’s not a joke… I want to show myself like that one day, I’ll do it anyway.

When asked about the first time composing a song by himself, V said, “When I was with people who work in music, I naturally started working with music, and fortunately the work was approved. Thanks to that, my first song was able to go out into the world. I was as excited as a kid. Now that I think about it, it was like a ‘moment of truth’ to me.”