Using functional foods as much as possible is good for health?


Many people especially like to supplement with functional foods in order to have a good health, but is it really better to use functional foods as much as possible?

Taiwanese-Chinese nutritionist He Hanyi said that during the nutritional assessment of functional foods or during nutritional counseling for people using functional foods, people often discover so they are added too much Caroten, Lutein, Melatonin!

3 commonly used functional foods

1. Carotene
Carotenoids are often labeled as Vitamin A in functional foods. Although carotene is beneficial for heart health, it is also expected that carotene supplements can be converted into Vitamin A.

However, test results often show that carotene supplements exceed the standard in people using functional foods, even leading to their jaundice, but Vitamin A in the body is still lacking!

Nutritionists recommend re-checking the ingredients of daily-use functional foods, maybe the product is labeled as containing Vitamin A, but it’s actually carotene.

Nutritionist He Hanyi explained that, to supplement carotene, you should eat a lot of yellow, orange and dark green vegetables, especially sweet potato leaves with very high carotene content; The main source of Vitamin A is from animal organs, if you are a vegetarian, or the health test results conclude that Vitamin A is low, we can supplement with exogenous Vitamin A.

2. Lutein
Modern people use overloaded eyes, stay up late or take care of their eyes incorrectly, so they pay special attention to supplementing Lutein to help brighten eyes, improve eyesight!

Expert He Hanyi advises that, not to add too much Lutein to the eyes, if we want to have healthy eyes, we can choose to use compounds such as Zeaxanthin, Astaxanthin, mulberry, fish oil …

3. Melatonin
Although Melatonin is considered a drug in Taiwan, requiring a doctor’s prescription to use it, but now due to the development of Internet sales, many consumers easily buy it online and use it to improve sleep!

Melatonin is primarily used to help regulate circadian rhythms, or to improve delayed circadian rhythm sleep disorders (Delayed circadian rhythm sleep disorders are a group of sleep disorders characterized by generally interrupted sleep time)……

However, according to functional medicine, due to various reasons that cause sleep disturbance, such as imbalance of Cortisol rhythm, nutritional status, synthesis of neurotransmitters, hormones and other conditions, Analyze the root cause and then choose the most suitable nutrients.

Nutritionist He Hanyi added, in addition to fat-soluble nutrients that easily cause excess, it is often seen that people using functional foods are supplemented with too much B vitamins, antioxidants. oxidants, Vitamin D, etc., but if people do not understand their actual needs, such supplements will not improve the main problem but instead cost us a lot of money.