Unraveling the Reasons for Marc Marquez’s Figure So Good at Anti-Clockwise Type Tracks


MotoGP 2021 will hold the 13th series at the Motorland Aragon Circuit, Spain, this weekend. Hearing the name of the Aragon Circuit, one racer’s name will immediately stick out.

His figure is Marc Marquez . Yes, the Aragon Circuit is an anti-clockwise or anti-clockwise track type. Tracks like this are dominated by left corners more than right.

Now, on all anti-clockwise tracks, Marc Marquez has a fantastic report card that is close to perfect. An example of MotoGP Aragon. He is the winner of the 2015 edition and four times in a row: 2016-2019.

Marc Marquez did not win at the Aragon MotoGP last season due to absence due to injury. Want to know how many left turns are in Aragon? It’s ten to seven.

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Another anti-clockwise type track is the Sachsenring Circuit. The Sachsenring was even completely counter-clockwise as it had 10 left turns and only three right.

Not surprisingly, Marc Marquez is very superior in the German MotoGP. Recorded eight races in a row at the Sachsenring, this Repsol Honda racer always wins!

Another example is the Austin Circuit, Texas. The Austin circuit has eleven left corners compared to nine for right corners.

At this track, Marc Marquez had won six races in a row, namely the 2013-2018 season. Unfortunately, this trend was ended by Alex Rins in the 2019 edition. And that’s why Marc Marquez didn’t finish.

Why Is Marc Marquez So Great On Anti-Clockwise Tracks?
So what is the reason Marc Marquez is so strong when paving the anti-clockwise type circuit?

The Boxrepsol site once made an article that has something to do with Marquez’s practice since starting his career as a racer.

Yes, the older brother of Alex Marquez is very often practicing on the dirt track whose circuit is oval in shape and is required to lay down the motorbike to the left as much as possible.

Because of this habit, Marc Marquez is very superior when devouring the left corner. Even when he won the 2021 German MotoGP race.

At that time the condition of the right humerus was not fully fit but he could still finish first because Sachsenring had a lot of left corners so it didn’t require right hand work.

Recently, many racers have started to participate in intense dirt track practice. But keep in mind, this type of exercise also carries a high risk of falling. So for professional racers, they are also required to be very careful when doing dirt track.

Is this a signal for Marc Marquez to win the Aragon MotoGP?
So is this a signal that Marc Marquez will be victorious again in the Aragon MotoGP race this weekend?

Asked the question above, Marc Marquez refused to brag. According to him, what happened in the past is not necessarily a good capital for the current race.

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“Aragon has always been a track that I enjoy racing and we have had competitive results there in the past,” said Marc Marquez.

“But we can’t count on what we did in the past, in 2021 we get there in a different situation.”

“So we have to approach this weekend in the right way. We have to look at our level and see what our opponents do.”