Unique MotoGP Facts, More Than Elephant Calves to Iron Man


For a MotoGP rider , going at high speed is a demand that must be done. Intense competition when on the circuit becomes one of the arenas where the lives of the racers are at stake.

This is because MotoGP racers have to step on the gas more than the normal limit when the race is in progress. The average speed of a MotoGP racer can reach 185 km / h when driving on the track.

In addition, the number of wheels on the motorcycle can increase the risk of falling during the race. Even so, this is the main attraction for the MotoGP riders and their fans spread all over the world.

Not only a quick race, here are 5 unique facts about MotoGP racing that may be rarely known to the public.

The weight of the motorbike exceeds the calf
Motorcycles are the main weapon of MotoGP riders when they are “at war”. Not only motorcycle engines, various other advanced technologies are also installed in each of the riders’ motorcycles to increase the performance and speed of the motorcycle itself.

However, the installation of this technology makes the motor racer have an increasingly heavy weight. It is known, the weight of a MotoGP bike can reach 160 kg.

This weight actually exceeds the average weight of a Sumatran elephant calf, which is only 40-80 kg when the mother is born. Obviously, the heavy weight of the motorbike further increases the risk of MotoGP riders when they fall.

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Wearing more armor than Iron Man
The risk of losing their lives in MotoGP races makes various motorcycle companies try to increase protection for their riders. It can also be seen from the protectors used by MotoGP riders.

The protective equipment includes helmets, visors , racing clothes ( wearpacks ), airbags , gloves, boots, back protectors, chest protectors, knee protectors, and also water hoses for drinking.

When viewed in more detail, the protector used by this MotoGP racer is like the costume equipment for the superhero character Iron Man. As we know, Iron Man does not have airbags in its armor. In fact, Iron Man also does not have a water hose for drinking.

Riders shed 10 glasses of sweat
The protectors used when racing make MotoGP riders have to wrestle with the heat in every race series. Racing conditions that require physical and brain work can be considered as tough as other sports.

The geographical conditions of the circuit also become an overload when the race is in progress. That’s what makes the riders can sweat 10 glasses every time they race.

Have no fear
Every racer is required to be able to eliminate his fear, especially the sense of trauma. This is because the rider has a high probability of having an accident during the race.

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When a racer can’t control his fear, his speed and performance will decrease drastically. That’s why the racers are required to be able to overcome fear quickly.

Spending time abroad
MotoGP race series are usually held for nine consecutive months. From March to November the riders undergo a series of rigorous tours around the world that are appropriate during the MotoGP season.

The MotoGP riders spend their time with practice sessions and qualifying rounds as well as core races. These riders are abroad on a full- time basis for about 180 days each year. The demands of work carried out by MotoGP riders make them have to complain about their fate with their lives from various parts of the world to other parts of the world.