UNHINGED (2020) Rachel Flynn ( Caren Pistorius ) will never forget the day


The day started off pretty badly. After finishing a number of arguments with her divorce lawyer, Andy ( Jimmi Simpson ), Rachel Flynn must immediately take her child, Kyle Flynn ( Gateman Bateman ), to school and at the same time go to work. Unfortunately, the traffic jams that he had to go through made Kyle Flynn arrive late for school and Rachel Flynn then lost her job. Panic during the trip had trapped Rachel Flynn in a feud with a foreign man ( Russell Crowe).). The feud could actually have ended peacefully when the stranger came to Rachel Flynn and apologized and then asked Rachel Flynn to also apologize to him. However, the anger that had filled his head made Rachel Flynn refuse the request. An unexpected rejection then ends with a series of terror that haunts Rachel Flynn and the people she cares about.

Unhinged , the film directed by Derrick Borte ( American Dreamer , 2019) whose script was written by Carl Ellsworth ( Red Dawn , 2012), does not offer a completely new or specialstoryidea. The story of the feud (which often ends in death) between two characters that begins with a conflict that is actually simple has also been the main focus for films such as Duel (Steven Spielberg, 1971), Falling Down (Joel Schumacher, 1993), Joy Ride (John Dahl, 2001), to Changing Lanes(Roger Michel, 2002). Even so, Borte is capable enough to provide maximum directive focus to make every tense moment in the film’s storyline really feel real. In the first minute that Crowe’s character begins to vent his anger at Rachel Flynn’s character, Unhinged constantly tries to come up with various tricks to maintain the intensity of the story tension.

At the same time, the focus chosen by Ellsworth and Borte on the action and suspense side of the story must be admitted to narrow the space given to other elements in Unhinged’s storyline to develop maturely . Indeed, flash after glimpse of a number of stories about the background of the characters are here to introduce the audience to the figures whose stories are being told in this film. Even so, the scenes that are violent and sadistic, the plot of the story that continues to be present with a void of logic, as well as the stupid choices made by Rachel Flynn’s character in her attempt to escape from Crowe’s character make Unhingedthe longer it seems to run with a monotonous and ridiculous storytelling. A touch of social message so that everyone is more patient in dealing with other people because everyone has their own problems that the film’s story wants to tell is finally buried just like that.

In addition to the series of action scenes – and violence – which are the main selling points of the Unhinged story presentation , Crowe’s solid performance is also still able to provide a quality value boost for this film. Presenting his character as cold, hard, and without the slightest pity, Crowe makes his character’s presence leave a pretty deep impression. Apart from Crowe, the other acting department fillers from Unhingedalso comes with an appearance that does not disappoint. Pistorius, for example, is able to balance the strength of Crowe’s appearance by making his character look fragile but tough at crucial moments. Unfortunately, the writing of characters that are too shallow often makes the characters in the storyline of this film feel present without any meaningful impression.