UEFA Makes New Rules, Barcelona and Real Madrid Will Be Affected


UEFA plans to change the rules regarding Financial Fair Play (FFP) which has the potential to affect several clubs such as Real Madrid and Barcelona.

It is believed after UEFA made changes to the Financial Fair Play rules. This policy will reduce the expenditure of all clubs in the European region.

Previously, UEFA had sent the latest draft of the FFP to all club owners and officials in Europe. If they agree, then the new FFP rules will be implemented soon.

Under these rules, European clubs will only be allowed to spend 70 percent of their total income for one year.

These expenses cover all football activities carried out by each club, not limited to issues of salaries and player transfers.

Two Spanish clubs, Real Madrid and Barcelona, ​​are known to like to hang around when the transfer season opens, they must start to clean up so they don’t get strict sanctions from UEFA.

Moreover, Barcelona has experienced the effects of strict FPP rules in the Spanish League. They lost superstar Lionel Messi to PSG because of this regulation.

Meanwhile, Real Madrid had a similar fate when Los Blancos brought in Eden Hazard, Luka Jovic, Eder Militao, Ferland Mendy and Rodrygo Goes. They are threatened with severe sanctions for violating this FFP rule.

According to Foorball Espana’s report, when these rules are officially in effect, the latest changes will replace the existing FFP rules.

“UEFA will propose changes and new rules in the FFP provisions, this new rule is expected to gradually replace the old rules,” the New York Times report said, as reported by Football Espana, Wednesday (23/03/22).

Only Premier League Clubs Benefit
According to a report from the New York Times, if this new rule is applied to the rest of Europe, only Premier League clubs will benefit.

The reason is, the income of Premier League clubs is much greater than most teams in Europe, even the income of the English team will be even greater because they get a fee from broadcasting rights so far.

For the record, the income of each Premier League club from their broadcasting rights is fantastic, because the big clubs that play in the Premier League every season on average get income from broadcasting rights of 34 million euros per season.

In other words, big Premier League clubs, such as Manchester City, Liverpool, Arsenal, Manchester United will remain free from this latest FFP rule.

For consideration, 70 percent of the income restricted by FFP is still very large for Premier League clubs if this rule refers to club income.

This is considered unfair, considering that Spanish clubs such as Real Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Atletico Madrid, Sevilla to Villarreal do not have as high income from broadcasting rights as clubs from the English League.

Even Serie A clubs are in danger of feeling the effects of the latest FFP rules if they are used, considering that their broadcast rights fees are also not as big as in the English League.

However, this policy has not yet received a definite decision, this change in FFP is still awaiting stakeholder approval from all clubs in the blue continent competition.

However, the regulation that replaces the old FPP rules will be named the Financial Sustainability Regulations, UEFA will give every club the opportunity to prepare everything before the new rules come into effect.

The new FFP rules and systems are planned to be introduced within three years. During this period, European clubs were still able to spend 90 percent of the total revenue until finally it continued to decrease gradually to 70 percent.

Free from FFP, Newcastle United Will Sign 2 PSG Stars?
The new Sultan’s club of the Premier League, Newcastle United intends to buy 2 Paris Saint-Germain stars at once in the transfer window next year.

Who are they? After officially being crowned the richest Sultan club in the English League and even throughout the world, Newcastle United immediately launched a big breakthrough.

Not only replacing coach Steve Bruce, the club nicknamed The Magpies also intends to bring star players to St James’ Park.

Newcastle will indeed be fishing in the January transfer edition next year after the new owner, namely the Prince of Saudi Arabia, Mohammed bin Salman, has prepared abundant funds.

Moreover, Newcastle United are reported to be able to spend up to 200 million pounds (around Rp. 3.8 trillion) without the risk of violating Financial Fair Play (FFP).