TWICE’s Jihyo Was Thought To Be A Half-Blood As A Trainee Because Of This Part Of The Face


Tzuyu’s First Impression Of Jihyo Is The Most Memorable. On The Day They Met For The First Time, Jihyo Held A Christmas Event For The Trainees And Interviewed Them.

Along with their comeback, TWICE recently had an interview with Bollywood Hungama. On that occasion, the members were asked about their first impressions of each other and it was revealed that Jihyo was previously thought to be not Korean.

Of all the members, Tzuyu’s first impression of Jihyo is the most memorable. On the day they met for the first time, Jihyo held a Christmas event for the trainees and interviewed them.

It was during the monthly evaluation during the Christmas season. You became the MC. You interviewed me. You talked to me, said Tzuyu. Tzuyu, who was still new to JYP Entertainment at that time, was also fascinated by Jihyo’s big eyes. Because of this part of his face, he mistook Jihyo for a non-Korean.

I just entered the agency, and you are a wide-eyed girl. I look at you, and I think, ‘Her eyes are really big.’ I thought you were half-blood, said Tzuyu. Not only Tzuyu who mistook Jihyo when they were trainees.

A lot of people thought Jihyo was a half-blood when I was a trainee, said Nayeon. Jihyo agreed but added that her facial features have changed since then, so she now looks completely Korean.

Right. I looked more like that back then. Now I really look like a Korean, said Jihyo. In the same interview, Mina and TWICE’s Nayeon also talked about their first meeting where Mina already admired Nayeon.

Penampilan Baru Jihyo TWICE Kejutkan Netizen, Cantiknya Nggak Ada Obat

TWICE’s Jihyo’s New Appearance Surprises Netizens, Her Beauty Has No Medicine

As Is Known, Netizens Are Always Talking About How Beautiful The TWICE Members Are, And Jihyo In Particular Is Getting More Attention For Her Visuals With New Hairstyles.

TWICE has always been praised as a visual group, and it’s not hard to see why. Among all the members, Jihyo’s recent appearance has successfully surprised netizens.

As is known, netizens are always talking about how beautiful the TWICE members are, and Jihyo in particular is getting more attention for her visuals with new hairstyles.

TWICE recently attended the 8th EDaily Culture Awards, where they won the Best Concert Award. From the photos they took at the event, Jihyo stood out in the eyes of netizens with her new haircut.

Jihyo’s new short bob with bangs reminds fans of her visuals from the “Fancy” and “Feel Special” eras. Her visuals really shine in these press-captured photos.

Combined with her blue and white plaid dress, Jihyo looked stunning on the red carpet. Netizens couldn’t help but be fascinated by Jihyo’s appearance with her new hair.

Very beautiful! netizen comments. Jihyo fits his short hair so well that he looks very refreshing, added another netizen. Oh beautiful, cute, beautiful, just incomparable, praised netizens. Jihyo with short hair is so pretty! said another. Beautiful is not playing! concluded another.

Meanwhile, TWICE has just released “The Feels” which debuted at No. 10 in Global Excel. US chart, marking the group’s highest entry. Last week, “The Feels” also became TWICE’s first song to enter the UK’s Official Singles chart.

TWICE’s Jihyo Breaks Beauty Standards To Be Skinny By Looking Like This
COSMOPOLITAN Korea Released A New Set Of Jihyo TWICE’s Pictorials For The Under Armor Sports Brand. In The New Photos, She Flaunts Her Toned Body In A Tracksuit.

TWICE’s Jihyo has proven that female idols don’t always have to be skinny. The 1997-born singer seemed to break the standard of beauty through the latest photo shoot she took with COSMOPOLITAN Korea magazine.

fashion and lifestyle magazine COSMOPOLITAN Korea released a new set of Jihyo TWICE’s pictorials for the sports brand Under Armor. In the new photos, Jihyo shows off her toned body in sports clothes.

In contrast to the typical “thin” beauty standard for female idols, Jihyo confidently flaunts her toned and muscular body. The “Alcohol-Free” singer shows a much healthier posture in the photo, and netizens love it.

Some netizen comments for Jihyo read, “She looks very healthy in these photos,” “I hope other female idols don’t just focus on losing weight,” “Jihyo really has a great body,” and more.

Jihyo was recently announced as a fitness model and works with international fitness brand, Under Armor. Jihyo’s full teaser and video have also been released on the COSMOPOLITAN Korea social media page.

Some fans are surprised that they didn’t realize this collaboration sooner because Jihyo always shows off her fit body. Others were amazed at the fact that Cosmopolitan understood the power of “God Jihyo”.

Seriously, when Cosmo posted about Jihyo a month ago, I was expecting it to be a cool magazine cover or something. But I’m satisfied! My love Jihyo and Under Armor really match. Something very unexpected but fits him very well,” said fans.

Along with the release of the single “The Feels”, TWICE also shared an interesting announcement that made fans happy. Nayeon and friends announced that they would make a comeback and hold an offline concert tour.

Their new tour will be their first since “TWICELIGHTS,” which was held from 2019 to 2020 but was shortened due to the COVID-19 pandemic.