TWICE Successfully Breaks The ‘Curse’ 7 Years, Here Are A Line Of Recent Achievements After Comeback!


TWICE Has Officially Made A Comeback After Releasing The Latest Mini Album “Between 1&2”. Successfully Breaking The 7-Year ‘Curse’, This 9-Member Girl Group Managed To Score A Series Of Recent Achievements In This Comeback. Anything?

Recently, TWICE officially made a comeback after launching their latest mini album titled “Between 1&2”. The album with the title track “Talk that Talk” also managed to steal the attention of not only fans after the video clip officially aired on August 26 last.

The album “Between 1&2” itself has a deep meaning about the story between Once (TWICE’s fan name) and TWICE. In this album, the members are likened to having sweet conversations with fans through the messages contained in the song.

In order to be able to touch the hearts of fans, the group consisting of Nayeon , Jeongyeon , Momo , Sana , Jihyo , Mina , Dahyun , Chaeyoung , and Tzuyu even participated directly in the song-making process. No wonder, if TWICE’s comeback this time has become highly anticipated, it has scored a series of proud achievements.

Through this article, the WowKeren team specifically summarizes a series of TWICE achievements in this comeback . From this achievement, this girl group made by JYP Entertainment managed to prove its existence after deciding to extend the contract . What are his achievements? Check out the full review below!

1. Break Album Pre-Order Record

Before the official comeback on August 26, TWICE’s achievements have begun to flow since the album was able to touch a record of 1 million pre-order copies. This figure is quite a fantastic number considering that TWICE’s previous album entitled “Formula of Love: O + T” only landed at 700,000 copies pre-orders.

With this achievement, TWICE became the third group to enter the ranks of the girl group to reach 1 million pre-orders. Previously, BLACKPINK ‘s albums titled “THE ALBUM” and “BORN PINK” as well as the aespa album “Girls” had also first entered the list. Wow, congratulations, Once!

2. Record Album Sales On Hanteo

Not only on pre-orders, through “Between 1&2” TWICE also managed to set a record on the first day of album sales. After previously “More & More” sold 274,000 copies on the first day, this time TWICE managed to break the record by selling up to 288,836 copies. Wow, that’s cool!

Through this latest achievement, Hanteo has noted that TWICE is the fourth girl group to have the best first-day album sales history. Previously, girl groups BLACKPINK, AESPA to IVE were also on the list.

3. Beat Spotify’s Streams Record On Day One

TWICE managed to set another record on the first day of the album’s release. This time through the Spotify streaming platform. This internationally spread platform also noted that TWICE’s latest album entitled “Between 1&2” managed to garner nearly six million streams on its first day of release.

Having an exact number of 5.9 million streams, “Between 1&2” successfully became the Korean girl group album with the highest number of streams on its first day. As is known, TWICE’s 11th mini album has a total of 7 songs with the main title track entitled “Talk that Talk”.

4. Fastest Collect 5 Billion Spotify Streams

Another historical record that TWICE managed to get in this comeback was also achieved through the Spotify platform. In just 1,611 days after first joining the platform in 2018, TWICE has finally surpassed the 5 billion cumulative streams on Spotify. So far, “The Feels”, “I Can’t Stop Me”, “Fancy”, “What Is Love”, and “Celebrate” are TWICE’s most listened to popular songs on the platform.

Previously, BLACKPINK had also reached 5 billion cumulative streams on Spotify after 1,712 days. No less, BTS reached 5 billion streams on Spotify in 1,690 days. With this, TWICE finally officially broke the record by becoming the fastest Korean group to surpass 5 billion cumulative streams on Spotify.

5. TOP 100 Debut On Spotify USA Chart

Known as the favorite girl group from South Korea to Japan, TWICE apparently started to spread its wings to the United States (USA). In this comeback , TWICE finally made it into Spotify USA’s TOP 100 chart. As is known, it is not easy for South Korean singers to penetrate this international chart.

Debuting at position 83, the title song “Talk that Talk” managed to collect more than 350 thousand streams. Based on these data, this comeback is TWICE’s biggest debut in the history of the Spotify chart in Uncle Sam’s country, the United States.

6. Enter The Top 3 On The USA Album Chart

TWICE’s record of achievements on Spotify doesn’t just stop on the first day. On August 30, 2022, Spotify officially revealed TWICE’s latest achievements through their new album “Between 1&2”. In a post, Spotify announced that “Between 1&2” was in the top three in the Top USA Debut Albums category.

Through the announcement post, Once then flooded the comments column with congratulations. Not infrequently, there are those who feel touched and proud of TWICE’s latest achievements and achievements. Once again, congratulations, Once and TWICE!

7. Reach Tens Of Millions Of YouTube Viewers

Talking about achievements, it’s incomplete if you don’t add YouTube achievements to the list. As is known, YouTube is one of the main platforms chosen by many agencies to officially release official music videos. As did JYP Entertainment, on August 26, the music video titled “Talk that Talk” was officially released to mark the start of TWICE’s new comeback era.

Just 24 hours after the first release, the music video “Talk that Talk” has managed to garner more than 16 million views. Not only that, more than 1.5 million people also like this cheerful music video. Even now, right after 5 days of release, the music video for “Talk that Talk” has managed to capture more than 47 million views. Fantastic isn’t it?

8. Trending In Over 60 Countries

TWICE’s achievements on YouTube apparently don’t end there. On the first day of the release of the music video, “Talk that Talk” managed to stay on the first place trending worldwide for a long time. Not only that, “Talk that Talk” is also able to enter the trending ranks in more than 60 countries such as Indonesia, Malaysia to the United States.

Thanks to this newly achieved achievement, TWICE managed to break the “curse” 7 years after all the members decided to renew their contracts with the agency. With a row of achievements in their recent comeback , it’s not impossible that TWICE will add another row of achievements, here! . . . . . .