TWICE Shows Sexy And Cute Charm Through Comeback MV ‘Talk That Talk’


MV ‘Talk That Talk’ Was Released Today Along With The Mini Album ‘BETWEEN 1&2′. TWICE Carries Two Types Of Concepts, Cheerful With Colorful Outfits And Sexy With All Black Outfits In The MV.

TWICE enlivened the comeback competition in August by releasing their new mini album entitled “BETWEEN 1&2”. The girl group has finally released the music video for their title track, “Talk That Talk” that fans have been waiting for.

The music video for “Talk That Talk” was released today, Friday (26/8) along with the mini album “BETWEEN 1&2”. TWICE carries two types of concepts, cheerful with colorful outfits and sexy with all black outfits in this MV.

“Talk that Talk” is an addictive 90s style song with a refreshing and exciting melody that conveys a sweet message to say everything that is on our mind. The members’ constantly improving vocals also add to the charm of this song.

This is TWICE’s first comeback after the 9-member girl group extended their contract with JYP Entertainment. The mini-album “BETWEEN 1&2” also achieved satisfactory results when recording a pre-order of 1 million copies.

Through this comeback, TWICE showed their uniqueness who was always loyal to their musical style. Although they have tried different concepts and genres over the past few years, TWICE’s music has the power to make listeners realize that they are listening to TWICE’s songs.

In an interview released at the Grammy Awards on August 25, Sana shared a new goal for the rest of the year, “I hope that all of our members can stay healthy, both physically and mentally,” said the Japanese member.

He continued, “The welfare of the nine members is very important to all of us, because we are very close and basically a family. We will continue to take good care of ourselves to spread TWICE’s bright energy to ONCE (TWICE’s fandom name) all over the world.”

Check out the “Talk That Talk” MV here . . . . . . . . . .