Tsuki ga Kirei Anime Review Romance Under the Moonlight


Many people often reminisce about the times at school. Partly because of the beautiful moments that stick, also annoying moments that are hard to forget. Love, is something that teenagers often experience at school, making it a more colorful story and part of life.

Tsuki ga Kirei , is an original anime directed by studio Feel which aired in the spring of 2017. This anime tells the love story of two middle school teenagers in their final year, Kotarou Azumi (Shouya Chiba) and Akane Mizuno (Konomi Kohara). Despite being in the same middle school for two years, Kotarou and Akane didn’t know each other before due to different classes. Then in the third year, they met in the same class, and from there their romance began.

The two main characters in this anime have quite different character traits and depictions. Akane is a member of the running club, who has many friends and looks cheerful and friendly . Meanwhile, Kotarou is the Chairman of the Literature Club who prefers to read books and write, is a bit more reserved, and is shown to only have two friends who always accompany him. But behind their different nature, there are two things that make Akane and Kotarou connected, the innocence of love and admiration at first sight. Long story short, after Kotarou got Akane’s LINE contact , on a clear moonlit night, he ventured to confess his love to Akane. With her innocence, Akane accepted Kotarou’s feelings.

When talking about the romance of middle school teenagers, of course there are many simple conflicts, but strong enough to be remembered in the future. This premise is raised in the Tsuki ga Kirei anime , where there will be many minor conflicts that the audience may have experienced during their school days. This is one of the plus points of this anime, because many viewers will feel relatable to the conflicts that are presented. Even so, romance anime fans who like complex and darker stories may be a little disappointed with the storyline. The setting of this anime of course focuses on school life in general, such as school festivals and study tours, so fans school life is also satisfied with the scene and the atmosphere of the story.

Apart from the background of romance and school life stories that may seem ordinary, of course the Tsuki ga Kirei anime has its own uniqueness, especially in presenting the whole story and scenes. The first uniqueness comes from the use of the LINE messaging application in this anime. Often presented with a scene where there is interaction between the characters indirectly with the use of LINE. Akane and Kotarou’s characters, who were shy at first, were greatly helped by the existence of LINE as their medium of communication. This is quite unique and smart, because character development can be obtained here, without having to show scenes where the characters meet each other. In addition, the use of LINE also makes the audience feel more relatable and indirectly connected with this anime, because LINE is also often used as a social media for students and teenagers in real life, at least in Indonesia and Japan.

The second unique thing is that there are short episodes that are inserted at the end of the episode. This short 1 – 2 minute scene presents the daily life and romance of the supporting characters, which is complemented by a touch of comedy that may not be felt in the main episode. The existence of these short episodes is also a plus in itself, because in addition to making the audience laugh with funny stories, the supporting characters also get their own stories without having to reduce and disrupt the storyline of the main character.

The storyline in the Tsuki ga Kirei anime is delivered with the right rhythm, making it easy to enjoy. Cliffhanger scenes are shown in several episodes so that the audience will always be impatient waiting for the next episode. Kotarou as the main character who likes to read books, often quotes author Osamu Dazai ‘s aphorisms related to the scenes presented, thereby increasing the feel of the beauty of this anime. In the last episode, many scenes that are quite intense are shown. Then when the anime is about to end with a pretty hanging scene , in the credits, it turns out that an image is inserted showing the time skipand the continuation of the story of Akane and Kotarou after the last scene was finished. This is another unique element that is presented in the Tsuki ga Kirei anime, where the audience can understand the continuation of Akane and Kotarou’s story without the need to add other episodes that might interfere with the storyline of this anime.

Nao Toyama plays an important role in this anime, by contributing the opening song with the title ” Imakoko ” as well as the ending song with the title ” Tsuki ga Kirei “. In addition, Nao Toyama also sang several insert songs which were played in different episodes. The melodious voice and lyrics that match the story add to the beautiful impression of the Tsuki ga Kirei anime.

Studio Feel managed to create an atmosphere that fits the storyline. The depiction of the background of the place and the world looks natural, but also spoils the eye. The character designs are not flashy and made like students in general. Although what is a little disturbing is the depiction of the character’s face with the effect of light reflection which actually seems excessive in certain scenes .

Anime Tsuki ga Kirei is an anime romance that is attractive and easy to enjoy. The many simple scenes and the use of LINE’s social media make this anime very relatable to the real life of the audience. The unique elements that are added make the anime feel different from romance anime set in life in general.