Tropical Fruit Mocktail Recipe, Cool Your Day During the Dry Season


One more fresh drink idea to accompany your days! This mocktail recipe with tropical fruits is guaranteed to refresh your body and be a panacea when facing the heat of the dry season. Come on, try it, come on!

What is the Difference Between Mocktail and Cocktail?

Maybe some of you are wondering about the difference between these two terms whose pronunciation is similar. Both are concoction drinks, but what makes them different is whether they contain alcohol or not. Mocktail itself is an abbreviation of “mock cocktail” or a drink that looks like a cocktail but does not contain alcohol. The concoction can consist of a mixture of fruit juices, syrups, creams, and spices and because it does not contain alcohol it can be enjoyed by all ages.

Various mocktail recipes are now emerging and are becoming popular as drinks for parties. Just because a bartender usually serves it with all kinds of ingredients and tools, doesn’t mean you can’t make it at home. For this tropical fruit mocktail recipe, the ingredients are not many and you don’t need to invest in tools such as a shaker, stirrer, measuring cup, strainer, or tongs. All just stirred and this fresh drink is ready to be enjoyed.

Tips for Making Tropical Fruit Mocktail Recipes

For this recipe you need two types of fruit juice to mix, namely Buavita Orange and Buavita Mango. Mocktails usually use sparkling water components when served, so you also need to prepare this one ingredient. Sparkling water is now increasingly diverse and easy to find and inexpensive. The fresh taste of sparkling water mixed with this fruit juice will make the taste special.

Continue by preparing fresh fruits such as pineapple chunks, dragon fruit, and also kiwi. After the fruit juice and sparkling water are finished mixing, add the chopped fruit and stir, then pour it into a serving glass filled with ice cubes. Enjoy immediately while the taste is still fresh and full before the ice cubes melt and make it runny.

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Materials :

ml Buavita Orange
ml Buavita Mango
ml of soda water
g pineapple, chopped
g dragon fruit, chopped
kiwi fruit, peeled, chopped

How to make :

Mix Buavita Orange, Buavita Mango, and soda water.

Add pineapple, dragon fruit, and kiwi, stir.

Pour into a serving glass that has been filled with ice cubes. Serve cold.