Tower of God Anime Review: A Fresh Wind Adaptation of Manhwa


The development of Manhwa (Korean manga) has recently shown a positive trend. Using online media that is more modern and accessible than Japanese manga, Manhwa is increasingly mushrooming and dozens of new titles are broadcast on various publishing channels every month. Of the many manhwa titles that have been published, some have managed to become big titles and reach many readers with positive reviews. One of the big titles is Tower Of God , SIU’s manhwa, which has been published since 2010 and is still ongoing today.

Although it has been very developed, there are not many animated adaptations of Manhwa. The last major manhwa adaptation that caught the eye was Noblesse. The animation industry that has not been “qualified” in Korea is one of the causes. Lack of interest Japanese animation producers and studios are also what ultimately makes anime adaptations of manhwa very rare.

In 2020, Crunchyroll brings a breakthrough with its original anime project that adapts several manhwa titles. One of the titles of the manhwa is Tower of God.

Tower Of God’s story centers on Bam or Yoru in the Japanese version. He is a boy who chases a girl named Rachel , his childhood friend who goes into the “Tower of God”.

“Tower” itself is a mysterious tower building in which it seems to have its own world that is different on each floor. The tower itself is inhabited by creatures of various intelligent races called “Regulars.” The higher floors of the tower are inhabited by people of higher social strata. Because to reach a higher floor must go through tests that test strength, intelligence, and dexterity.

The size of the inside of this tower itself on each floor is very wide. so that on each floor there is an environment with its own ecosystem, culture, language, and system of government.

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To enter the Tower is not an easy thing. Someone has to be invited by the Tower officer to enter it. But there are also people with extraordinary abilities who can open the Tower’s doors by themselves. These extraordinary people are nicknamed “irregular” and Bam is one of them.

In contrast to Baam who came to “The Tower” just to look for Rachel. Rachel herself has a very big ambition to reach the top of the tower and make her “wish” come true. In the end, Baam also took part in various tests to continue to climb the higher floors of the tower and chase Rachel.

To successfully pass the exam, it is not uncommon for participants to form teams and work together to pass. But in the tower today’s friends can be tomorrow’s enemies. The drama of betrayal and stabbing each other from behind occurs throughout the series.

Bam’s character is like the protagonist in general, optimistic and a little naive. On his journey Baam meets various people who help him through his exams. Among the ones that caught the audience’s attention the most was Khun Aguero Agnis or commonly called Khun, a regular who climbed the tower to regain his knighthood. Khun is a shrewd and clever character.

The excitement of the story itself is in the dynamics of each examinee to successfully pass and continue to climb the tower floor. The exams that are presented really drain energy and mind and bring development to the character of Bam and other characters who are struggling to pass the exam.

Light comedies also fill the story. With a fast storytelling, each episode will feel solid without a long story but still provide enough information for the development of the world in its own story.

The action shown is also interesting with a battle of tactics, strength, weapons and self-defense without giving the impression of being too “soft”.

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The animation is also quite unique where the image is made like a hand-drawn sketch but still gives details of a flexible and smooth movement. It feels very different from anime in general.

Tower of god has finally given a breath of fresh air to the anime adaptation for the manhwa. With a strong story and distinctive animation. This anime certainly gives satisfaction to its manhwa readers and remains interesting for those who do not follow the manhwa serialization.

Until the end of Tower of God is an entry that cannot be underestimated in the spring 2020 season.