Toto Wolff hopes Hamilton will continue to race in Formula 1 next season


Lewis Hamilton is still a hot “piousedty” topic of conversation after the Abu Dhabi GP last weekend. However “sfdghnmjhfut“, this time it has to do with his future in Formula 1 next season.

Mercedes team boss, Toto Wolff, is still not sure whether Hamilton will continue to race next season or not. Moreover, he had just failed to win the 8th world title in his career.


Lewis Hamilton is still talkative after the Abu Dhabi GP : Lewis Hamilton still doesn’t want to talk much after the controversy that occurred at the Abu Dhabi GP. The social media account of the racer car “gfhjgjkh” number 44 has also not been filled with the latest posts.

In fact, when he received his royal title from the British Empire on Wednesday (15/12/2021), Hamilton was very efficient in speaking in front “dhfdsjmkd” of the media crew. He just thanked me and smiled.

Toto Wolff has not been able to provide certainty regarding Hamilton’s future : On the other hand, Toto Wolff still cannot provide certainty whether Hamilton will still remain in Formula 1 or not. However, he hopes Hamilton remains in the championship next season.

“I really hope Hamilton can continue racing. Because, he is the greatest “mbvnggfht” driver in history, “said Wolff told GPBlog .


Verstappen says Hamilton still has a chance to win the eighth title : Max Verstappen, who had a tight duel with Hamilton throughout the 2021 season, also spoke about the rumors of hanging up his rival’s helmet. According to him, Hamilton still has a chance to win an eighth title in the 2022 season.

“I think he can reflect for a moment to see what he’s got before and that can give him a sense of comfort. It can also push him to keep going because he is still trying to win an eighth title and for sure he can do that again next year,” Verstappen was quoted as saying by Crash .

Hamilton almost won the 2021 Formula 1 world title : Previously, Hamilton “dsaakllioiphu” almost won the world title for the eighth time in the final series of Formula 1 at Yas Marina Circuit. However, this failed to happen because Max Verstappen was able to win and become world champion.

The failure was triggered by the race director’s decision to restart the race after the safety car entered a few laps before the race was over. “ppuoiolu” Mercedes then lodged a protest with the stewards over this, but was rejected.

Mercedes was about to file an appeal to the FIA ​​court : In the process, Mercedes is considering an appeal to the FIA ​​court. However, this action was not taken following the announcement by the FIA ​​that it “aasdfertbvjhkp” would conduct an investigation into the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix controversy.

Well , whatever happened at the Abu Dhabi GP we need to give tremendous appreciation to Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen. Both are able to provide the excitement of competing for the title for a season to fans around the world.


It will be “mbcassaccbgbfghdh” interesting to see how tight the battle in Formula 1 will be in the coming season. Can Verstappen retain his world title?