Top Favorite best space travel Korean movies of all time

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Let’s take a look at the top movies that are not good, attracting the most viewers and favorites.

The movie through space has always been a genre that attracts viewers right from the time it is released. These movies, although containing unrealistic content, nevertheless make the audience excited by the different levels of emotions created by it. Here are some great movies that you can’t miss from some countries.

The best Korean space movie

Sisyphus: Mythology (2022)
Sisyphus: Mythology is built with an impressive script revolving around the two main characters, Kang Seo Hae ( Park Shin Hye ) and Han Tae Sool (Jo Seung Woo). Kang Seo Hae is currently living in a ruined, ruined world and Tae Sool is a CEO in the real world full of normal and development.

However, the world Seo Hae lived in was the future of the world that Tae Sool lived in. Seo Hae knew this, so she used a temporary time machine called Uploader to travel through the air, find Tae Sool and protect the fate of that place with him.

The King: Eternal Monarch (2020)
The movie ” The King: Eternal Monarch ” is a project that marks the return of actor Lee Min Ho after his absence. The movie is set in two parallel worlds that coexist: the Republic of Korea and the Korean Empire. Lee Gon (Lee Min Ho) is the Emperor of the Korean Empire who travels to the Republic of Korea to find the girl who saved his life 25 years ago.

In the Republic of Korea, that girl is Jung Tae Eul ( Kim Go Eun ) – a talented female inspector. The two meet again, but only Lee Gon knows everything, and Tae Eul is merely a Korean worker who knows nothing about him. Later, the two teamed up to fight the dark forces to protect the two sides of the world and officially be together.

Return to Age 18 (2020)
The movie revolves around a married couple Jung Da Jung (Kim Ha Neul) and Hong Dae Young (Yoon Sang Hyun). The two have been together since the days when they were high school students, because of “need” to get pregnant, they had to get married early, so all dreams at that time had to be shelved. Over time, their children are now in high school, however, their marriage is increasingly falling into a dead end, full of deadlocks with accumulated pent-up for a long time.

The Queen (2020)
Guy Hau is the best movie through the air that attracts the love of a large audience. The movie is about Jang Bong Hwan (Choi Jin Hyuk) who is a chef at the Blue House. In one accident, he was transported back to the Jeseon era and swapped bodies with the Queen Philosopher – Kim So Yong ( Shin Hye Sun ).

Although Jang Bong Hwan lived in the body of the Philosopher Queen, he still did not give up his “rogue”, taking the opportunity to be near the palace maids who constantly “tease flowers”. However, he is essentially a kind and very intelligent person, so he has become an “effective hand” as the Queen to help the young king Lee Won Beom (Kim Jung Hyun).

Signal (2016)
” Signal ” is one of the dramas that achieved impressive ratings in 2016. The story is about police officer Park Hae Young ( Lee Je Hoon ) who is an expert in the field of criminal records, but she is not. no trust in the police because of the case of a close friend in the past.

Moonlight Lover ( 2016 )
Although it is considered a “bomb”, it is undeniable that Moonlight Lover makes a deep impression on viewers, wants to be sad, wants to be funny. From the details of the power struggle, the playful moments of the crown princes or the sweet and romantic moments of the male and female couples in the movie, all remain in the audience’s hearts.

Two Worlds ( 2016 )
Two Worlds is a highly appreciated and extremely successful trans-dimensional work when it aired in 2016. The movie tells the romance story of Kang Chul ( Lee Jong Suk ) – a shooting genius, young tycoon. age but only lives in the world of comics with Oh Yeon Joo ( Han Hyo Joo ) – the daughter of the story writer.

Love Water Balloons ( 2015 )
As a good movie on the topic of Korean cinema, Love Water Balloons is highly appreciated by the audience. The movie Love Water Balloons with the participation of the cast of “pretty boys, beautiful prices” Kim Seul Gi , Yoon Doo Joon , Jin Ki Joo .

Rooftop Prince ( 2013 )
Referring to the movie, surely everyone has seen and heard of the “divine” Rooftop Prince movie. The movie contains extremely interesting details when the king from the Joseon era travels to the present and has to learn to adapt to a new life. With the details interwoven past – present, both funny and mysterious, the movie creates many surprises and brings laughter to viewers.

Timeless Fame ( 2012 )
If you like watching the Korean genre, then you must have been fascinated by Timeless Fame . This is a transverse movie that is highly appreciated by the audience for its content and acting.