Top 9 Strongest Demons In Chainsaw Man Anime – Ranked!

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Demons are supernatural creatures that revel in the fears of humanity, manifesting as the embodiment of those particular fears. Demons can be normal, primal, reincarnated, demons, or hybrids.

In today’s article, I am going to list the 10 strongest demons that we will see in the first season/part 1 of Chainsaw Man anime.

Following the trailer and the number of chapters that anime series usually adapt for an episode, the first course of CSM season 1 will cover the first 4 arcs of the Public Safety saga, that is: the Intro arc, the Bat Devil arc , the Eternity Devil arc, and the Katana Man arc.

You could also dive into the Bomb Girl arc, but it’s hard to say how many chapters can be accommodated in the first course.

For this purpose I will only include the demons that appeared in the first 4 arcs and will likely appear in the first 12 episodes of CSM Season 1.

1. Devil Violence
The Demon of Violence currently has the form of the Demon of Violence that passes for Galgali, a Public Security Demon Hunter of Tokyo Special Division 4.

Being a demon, Galgali cannot make diabolical contracts, but still possesses diabolical abilities. He has crazy physical power and increased strength. In demon form, his body becomes larger and more powerful.

2. Katana Diablo
Katana Devil rampages as Katana Man or Samurai Sword, who is a demon-human hybrid, much like Denji. He is the main antagonist of the titular Katana Man arc.

Katana Man’s hybrid ability allows him to access Katana Devil’s slashing powers, which include increased speed, durability, and strength, allowing him to slice through his enemies with ease.

The Katana Man, being a hybrid, can restore his health by consuming blood and is also nearly invincible.

3. Blood Devil
The Blood Devil’s current form is Power, also known as a Blood Fiend, which can manifest as both a demon and a demon. She boasts that other demons run away from the same scent as her. This may not be true, but there is no denying the fact that Power is quite useful.

Being a demon, she can use all of the usual devilish abilities, such as fear empowerment, blood consumption, and corpse possession.

You can freely control the blood in your own body and in others. Blood manipulation is very dangerous and effective, although Power still needs some practice to perfect it.

In his pure devil form, he can create several swords made of blood, which are powerful enough to even stop the Control Devil for a few minutes.

As a demon, Power can revitalize himself by drinking blood.

4. Devil’s Curse
Curse Devil’s terrifying dark powers can be used to curse targets based on whatever contracts it is bound to. We’ll see him grab a target by the arms, skewer them in a crossover stance, and fatally bite into their neck as he crushes their arms.

The full extent of the devil is unknown, however he uses nails and rituals to kill humans, hybrids, and other demons.

5. Ghost Devil
Possibly one of the creepiest demons in CSM, Ghost Devil is a devil I can’t wait to see animated.

It embodies the human phobia of ghosts, so of course it has all the properties that promise to haunt you, like seeded eyes and lips, multiple limbs, and intangibility.

6. Angel Devil
Angel Devil is the second strongest agent in Division 4, but he is known to be terribly lazy and cautious about his past. He is not hostile towards humans, but you should still approach him with caution: this guy is not the cherubic angel you might imagine in your prayers.

The Angel Devil’s greatest ability is siphoning the lifespan out of humans and then turning them into weapons with special properties that he can manifest from his halo at will.

7. Devil of eternity
This demon is so powerful that he has an entire bow named after him. The Devil of Eternity is the main antagonist of the Devil Eternal arc, and is the diabolical manifestation of the fear of infinity.

If that’s not scary enough, he can also create an avatar of himself to hunt you down inside his own stomach and rip you to shreds.

8. Control devil
The Control Devil is the main antagonist of the first CSM saga. Disguised as Makima, a public safety demon hunter, Control Devil is one of the most powerful demons in the franchise.

She is one of the four demons that can remember the demons devoured by Chainsaw Devil and the only one that can control any other devil except Chainsaw and Darkness Devils.

9. Devil Chainsaw
Chainsaw Devil is the strongest demon in the anime Chainsaw Man, because he is the demon that the other demons fear the most. As of Season 1 Part 1, there will be no more powerful demon. The Chainsaw Devil can erase the existence of other demons by consuming their names.

The demons it consumes are forever forgotten and killed. They cannot be reincarnated, which is otherwise a normal ability of demons.

Chainsaw Devil’s demonic form is a huge 4-armed humanoid with a chainsaw for a mouth. However, in his hybrid form, he exists as a cute canine.