Top 5 Players Who Haven’t Played This Season, When Will They Show Up?


The appearances of the top players during the first 2 months or so are still varied. Some have been fierce since the start of the season, some are still below standard. In addition, there are also a number of great players who still haven’t played until the end of September 2021.

Some of the top players haven’t played a minute this season. Most of the causes are injuries, but some have not played because of other factors. Here are the top 5 players who haven’t featured in the 2021/22 season so far.

1. Sergio Ramos
First there is Sergio Ramos, a Spanish centre-back who left Real Madrid and joined Paris Saint-Germain in the transfer market yesterday. Signed for free, Ramos is predicted to be an important player in PSG’s back line. However, so far he has not been able to prove this prediction because he has not yet appeared.

A calf injury is the reason Ramos has not been able to play for PSG until now. Even so, Ramos has been doing individual training and will most likely be back on the pitch soon. If he is fit, the 35-year-old defender is believed to be taking the core place and his leadership will be very valuable for the Les Parisiens squad .

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2. Sergio Aguero
There is another top player named Sergio who still hasn’t played this season, namely Sergio Aguero. Like Ramos, Aguero recently changed clubs after leaving Manchester City and joining Barcelona. Unfortunately, the Argentine striker is still unable to make his debut because he continues to struggle with injuries.

The type of injury he experienced was the same as Ramos, namely a calf injury. Fortunately, according to the 90 Min page , Aguero is expected to be able to make his LaLiga debut against Valencia in mid-October. The presence of Aguero will be a breath of fresh air for Barca, especially after a series of bad results that happened to them recently.

3. Ousmane Dembele
Apart from Aguero, another Barcelona player who has not played this season is Ousmane Dembele. This agile winger from France has always had problems going back and forth with injuries. This time, Dembele must be absent because he is still undergoing treatment after surgery on his knee.

Although the operation was a success, the recovery process will take some time. According to Sports Mole , Dembele is not expected to play until at least early November. Ronald Koeman as Barcelona coach had to rack his brains to be able to continue to achieve positive results in the midst of a storm of injuries suffered by his team.

4. Marcus Rashford
Turning to England, there is Marcus Rashford who has also not appeared once this season with Manchester United. Just like Dembele, Rashford is also still recovering from surgery. The difference is that Rashford underwent surgery on his shoulder which had suffered an injury last season.

When will Rashford play again? Reported by Talksport , coach Ole Gunnar Solskjaer said that he would not play at least until the completion of the international break in early October. If Rashford can play again, United will have more options in attack to score goals.

5. Christian Eriksen
Finally there is Christian Eriksen, a playmaker from Denmark who is now in Inter Milan’s uniform. Eriksen has not returned to the field since collapsing in the middle of a match at the 2020 European Cup yesterday. Because of problems with his heart, Eriksen is not even expected to be able to continue his career.

In fact, Eriksen can still play on the condition that he continues to wear a pacemaker. However, regulations in Italy do not allow athletes to appear with the device. So, if Eriksen still wants to continue his career, the only way is to move to another league that allows the use of this tool, for example the Dutch Eredivisie.


The five players above have yet to appear this season because of the various problems they are experiencing. Surely the fans expect their return to the gridiron to help their respective teams. Which of them are you looking forward to the most this season?