Top 5 Class B Students in Anime My Hero Academia


In the My Hero Academia anime , the main character, Izuku Midoriya, begins to achieve his dream as a professional hero. He also manages to enter UA High School, where students with the best talents are gathered to become heroes. Midoriya who is in Class A also makes the story in this anime more focused on Class A students and their abilities. Even so, Class A is not the only class with excellent students at UA High School.

Class B also has many talented students with unique Quirks. Well, the five characters below are the best students in Class B. They have unique abilities and are able to push Class A up during sports festivals and joint training. Curious? Let’s take a look at the reviews below!
1. Jurota Shishida
Jurota Shishida is one of the Class B students who stands out because his stature is bigger than the other students. He has a Quirk called Beast which allows him to become physically stronger like an animal. In addition, he can control the use of his Quirk as he wishes.

Possessing a Quirk that can increase strength, Jurota poses a serious threat to Class A during joint training. His strength was enough to overwhelm fighters in Class A, like Kirishima, against him. Despite losing, Jurota has proven himself to be one of the strongest fighters in Class B.
2. Ibara Shiozaki
Ibara Shiozaki always stands out because she has green hair and thorns like vines. Possessing a Quirk named Vines, Ibara always manages to get her opponent pressed and trapped by her hair.

Ibara herself became an opponent to be reckoned with because she had a Quirk that could be used in a wide range. With her Quirk, Ibara could easily set up large-scale traps by spreading her hair over a large area. Whoever stepped on his hair would not be able to escape the trap.
3. Neito Monoma
The character of Monoma is quite annoying because of his habit of cruelly commenting on Class A. In contrast to his bad nature, he has a pretty good sense of leadership and manages to direct his friends with brilliant plans.

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Monoma himself managed to surprise many with his performance during the sports festival even at a glance. He also managed to come up with a plan that almost cornered Midoriya’s team during joint practice. Having a Quirk called Copy, Monoma can easily imitate other people’s Quirks and use them in battle.
4. Kendo Itsuka
Itsuka Kendo is a leader in Class B. Possessing the charisma that can unite Class B, Kendo has a bright mind and always strives to achieve victory without leaving his friends behind. Like Monoma, Kendo is also an expert in coming up with the right strategy for every opportunity.

Having a Quirk called Big Fist, Kendo can make his palms bigger or smaller. Of course this ability is very useful in capturing enemies and protecting his friends. In addition, the ability to enlarge his palm also makes Kendo’s punch much stronger than other characters.
5. Tokage Setsuna
Tokage is one of only a handful of students who made it into UA High School through the recommendation path, just like Todoroki and Yaoyorozu. Thus, the Tokage’s ability to use his Quirk has been well mastered.

He has a Quirk named Lizard Tail Splitter. Like a lizard, Tokage has the ability to split his body into several pieces. He can move his separate body parts and can be used as a sensor in spying on enemies.

In terms of experience in fighting real criminals, Class B may indeed lose to Class A. However, their strength and ability to use Quirks is not that far off and they also have many talented students. Besides the five characters above, who else do you think is the best Class B student? Share your opinion in the comments column, OK!