Tokyo Revengers S2 Episode 9: The End of the Black Dragon Gang


Takemichi and friends’ fight against Taiju and Black Dragon starts to take a new direction when Mikey arrives at the church where they were fighting. A duel between gang leaders can no longer be avoided.

How is the situation in episode 9 of Tokyo Revengers S2 ? Here’s the discussion!

1. Mikey arrives at the church where Takemichi and the others are fighting
When Takemichi and his friends are pressed by Taiju’s extraordinary power, they hear the sound of a motorbike approaching.

They could immediately recognize that the voice was the type of CB250T that Mikey usually used .

And sure enough, Mikey walked into the church wishing me a merry Christmas. Mitsuya himself immediately apologized for violating the truce.

However, Mikey said that his brother and Baji had brought him to where he was standing now.

2. Mikey was successfully knocked down by Taiju but got back up
Taiju who saw that immediately called Mikey. However, the boss of Tokyo Manji instead responded coldly.

From there, Takemichi began to think that Mikey’s mental condition was not well when he remembered the words of Kisaki and Kazutora .

At that moment, Taiju immediately hit Mikey’s face so hard that the young man fell. Seeing this, Mitsuya immediately became furious and intended to attack the head of the Black Dragon.

However, this intention was immediately abandoned because Mikey managed to get up again. It was around this time that Inupi asked the Tokyo leader Manji to stop fighting.

3. Revealing the past of Taiju and his friends
The story moves to the past when the Black Dragon frontmen were still in grade 3 of junior high school.

At that time, Kokonoi picks up Inupi who has just been released. They also talked about Black Dragon who had just been defeated by Tokyo Manji’s gang.

Therefore, Inupi intends to revive his old gang. Kokonoi also tells that there is one person who is suitable for doing this, namely his schoolmate.

Well, the friend Kokonoi was referring to was Shiba Taiju himself. Long story short, he managed to defeat Inupi so that he was recognized as the new leader.

Since then, Taiju managed to revive Black Dragon as a much stronger organization of delinquents with the help of these two leaders.

4. Taiju was defeated in one kick by Mikey
Even though he managed to get back up, Mikey’s condition was still worried about by Takemichi.

Takemichi is worried because he thinks that the difference in the strength of the two gang leaders is still large so that Mikey has the possibility of losing.

However, those worries seemed meaningless when Mikey said that the punch earlier was a form of punishment for himself.

Not long after, suddenly Taiju was immediately knocked down by an attack that was not seen by anyone there. In fact, Inupi and Kokonoi are late to realize that the boss has just been taken down.

Takemichi himself realized that Mikey had just executed a lightning-fast kick that the attack was almost unnoticed by everyone there.

5. It is revealed that Draken has already taken care of all members of the Black Dragon
Even though he was defeated, Taiju still refused to give up. He also ordered Kokonoi to summon all of his members to catch the members of Tokyo Manji.

However, even an unexpected sight left him speechless.

Well, Taiju just realized that all of his members were defeated by Draken alone.

Not only Taiju, everyone was even amazed at the results that the deputy chairman of Tokyo Manji managed to produce.

From there, Black Dragon was declared officially defeated by the Tokyo Manji gang.

6. The fate of Taiju at the end of the conflict between Tokyo Manji and Black Dragon
After Black Dragon’s defeat, Inupi and Kokonoi decide to part ways with the leader.

Hakkai himself then approached his brother and said that he could still get up again. But this time, his younger siblings will no longer bow down to Taiju and will continue to fight back if there is still violence.

Yuzuha herself mentioned that if Taiju couldn’t change because of this incident, it meant that he was really stupid.

Not only that, Yuzuha said that even though she used to hate Taiju, this time she can love him as her own brother.