(Tokyo Revengers) Episode 23: Take a Break from the Tough World of Gangsters


Since the beginning of the Bloody Halloween arc, we have been presented with various conflicts that make each episode feel tense. Especially the seconds before the outbreak of the battle between the Tokyo Manji gang and Valhalla. The incident of Keisuke Baji’s death in the previous episode broke the tension that existed in both camps.

In this 23rd episode of Tokyo Revengers , everything is calmer. Only a handful of conflicts occur throughout the episode. In fact, there is a comedy element that is so thick that it makes us who watch it more relaxed. Nevertheless, at the end of the episode we are still carried away with great curiosity about the continuation after the tragedy of Bloody Halloween .

The Most Relaxing Episode of the Bloody Halloween Arc

At the beginning of the episode, we are presented with a scene of Draken and Takemicchi visiting Kazutora in juvenile prison. There Draken wants to convey a message from Mickey to Kazutora which says that even though he has killed Baji, Kazutora is still a part of Tokyo Manji. Feeling emotional? Obviously, after what Kazutora did to Mickey but Baji’s figure could change everything.

In addition to sadness, many elements that contain comedy are included by the author. In this section, we are shown the life of some high-ranking Tokyo Manji outside the gangster life . You could say, the stuffing in this episode is like a fun fact for fans of Tokyo Revengers .

Draken and His Life
Continuing on the previous point, the first thing to highlight is the life of the Draken. The vice-captain of Tokyo Manji turned out to be living in a prostitution place since childhood. He has no parents and is cared for by the occupants of the building who are commercial sex workers.

Funnily enough, Takemicchi are invited to visit the residence Draken almost do a ” steady-steady ” with one of the close relatives Draken. However, this was thwarted by Draken. Takemicchi is also told the intricacies of his real life outside Tokyo Manji.

Living in an urban area is not an easy thing for Draken, especially since he was little he never knew his parents. We come to know why among the higher-ups in Tokyo Manji, Draken is the one who has the most mature nature. Because from a young age he was required to survive in the midst of the harsh city life.

Mitsuya is good at sewing?!

Proceeding to the next figure, namely Mitsuya. One of the founders of the Tokyo Manji gang, it turns out that he is a sewing master! This was revealed when Takemicchi was asked to come directly to Mitsuya’s school. His main goal is to give Tokyo Manji a jacket of pride as a token of Mitsuya’s gratitude to Takemichi.

There are two moments that make Mitsuya indebted to Takemicchi, the first is successfully saving Draken from death in the festival battle. Then the second was to awaken Tokyo Manji’s officials when they wanted to kill Kazutora, which made the internal conditions of the gang much better in accordance with Baji’s wishes.

This jacket is also a special gift to Takemichi from Mitsuya because he has officially become a member of Tokyo Manji. Besides, there was an important meeting that Takemicchi had to attend. If you look at the situation, it seems that this meeting will be the future of the Tokyo Manji gang’s sustainability.

Takemicchi Official Inauguration at Tokyo Manji

Despite having a great contribution to the Tokyo Manji gang, Takemichi was never actually appointed a member. When Draken was admitted to the hospital, Mickey did give Takemicchi a jacket but no official appointment was made to welcome him.

At the end of this episode, Draken as the vice chairman greeted Takemicchi directly and said that he had officially joined the Tokyo Manji gang. This means that Takemicchi is literally no longer an outsider and now has the capacity to act for Tokyo Manji.

Moreover, there is an important meeting that concludes episode 23 of Tokyo Revengers . From the start, Draken had said that Takemicchi had to get ready because this meeting would be very important to him. It has not been revealed what the big meeting is about. However, from Takemicchi’s inauguration his step towards the chairmanship is certainly getting closer.

Crucial Meeting After Bloody Halloween Battle
Surprisingly, important figures appear at the big Tokyo Manji meeting. There was even Hanma Shuji who stood behind Mickey when he entered the temple area which is the base camp of Tokyo Manji. Of course the members were astonished, even Takemicchi wondered what all this meant.

We are also confused, about what important meeting involving Takemicchi, Mickey, and Hanma Shuji? Moreover, there is Kisaki Tetta in the gathering. Was the main character immediately given the mandate to be the gang leader? Or was the reconciliation made by Tokyo Manji and Valhalla as a form of homage to Keisuke Wedge?

If the two possibilities were true, it would mean that Kisaki Tetta’s plan had completely fallen apart. The reason is, if you follow the original plan, Kisaki will be the substitute leader while Mickey is in prison for killing Kazutora.