Tokyo Revengers Episode 22 Tears of Nostalgia!


Keisuke Baji’s death in Episode 21 yesterday certainly brought wounds to high-ranking officials and members of the Tokyo Manji gang. Especially after learning the truth that Baji wasn’t really a traitor and went on a holy mission alone. The momentum was created after Mikey found an amulet whose meaning was finally revealed in episode 22 this time.

Unlike usual, episode 22 of Tokyo Revengers was filled with a sad atmosphere following the death of the first division captain. There are no fights or screams of middle school boys fighting in the Bloody Halloween battle arena . KINCIR will discuss this sad nostalgia this time in memory of Keisuke Baji.

The initial episode begins with a flashback of the six founders of Tokyo Manji who are heading to a temple on orders from Mikey. At that time everything was still side by side in harmony. Kazutora, Mikey, Draken, Pachin, Baji, and Mitsuya were still in middle school at that time and there were no disputes with each other.

Not long ago, Mikey found out that it turned out that Kazutora had just gotten into a fight with a member of the Black Dragon gang. Of course Mikey did not accept his friend fighting alone and looked for a good reason to avenge Kazutora. Baji also stated that he wanted to form a gang to compete with the Black Dragon formed by Sanichiro’s brother Mikey.

From here, the Tokyo Manji gang was formed with the initial formation of Mikey as the leader, Draken as the deputy, Mitsuya the head guard, Pachin the gang’s flag bearer, while Baji and Kazutora were in the attacking division.

Considering the condition of the Tokyo Manji gang now it’s quite a mess. The feeling of sadness is really unstoppable when watching the flashback. Especially knowing that the captain of the first division had died as a result of his own comrade in arms.

As mentioned earlier, when Mikey found the talisman in Takemicchi’s shirt pocket, the fighting immediately stopped. It turns out that the jima is symbolic of the formation of the Tokyo Manji gang. The amulet is a saving amulet that they bought collectively and as the originator, Baji is believed to hold the sacred object.

Until the day when Baji announced that he would join Valhalla, it turned out that the amulet was still in his pocket and was deliberately thrown away at Kisaki Tetta’s inauguration ceremony.

A little theorized, the Bloody Halloween battle was the beginning of the split of the Tokyo Manji gang. However, the saving talisman actually managed to thwart Kisaki Tetta’s plans and in the end the strongest gang was still standing despite the loss of an important figure.

If the amulet is not found, it looks like Kazutora will still be killed by Mikey so that Kisaki Tetta can carry out his evil plan to become the substitute leader. Meanwhile, Mikey is in prison to replace Pachin.

Mikey finally finds out that Baji pretended to defect from Tokyo Manji to investigate Kisaki Tetta’s movements . However, from the gang leader there has been no action other than mourning the death of his friend.

In episode 22 of Tokyo Revengers, it was explained how Baji had to carry a heavy burden to defend his ignited gang. Even he was willing to be labeled a traitor because of his decision to go to the Valhalla gang.

It turned out that all for the sake of defending Tokyo Manji and saving Kazutora Hanemiya. Baji felt that his best friend had fallen too deeply into Kisaki Tetta’s influence. Even though he had to die, his holy mission was successful. Hanemiya was able to escape from Kisaki Tetta’s entanglement and still keep Tokyo Manji from being destroyed.

In the last two episodes, KINCIR has felt that Hanemiya Kazutora is an obscure character whose job is to blame others for his actions. This unreasonable attitude suddenly faded when Keisuke Baji died. Hanemiya seemed to receive a great “hit” that shook his mind a second time.

When the police came to stop Tokyo Manji and Valhalla’s fight, Hanemiya gave himself up saying that he wanted to stay with Baji until the end. KINCIR applauds his attitude of wanting to be responsible for his actions. Mikey and other Tokyo Manji officials agreed to Kazutora’s request and left the battle arena.

At the end of the episode, Hanemiya looks really sorry for his actions. To the extent that Draken prevented him from committing suicide because he knew very well what was inside Kazutora’s head when he was in his heaviest regret.

Kazutora’s attitude should be highly appreciated. He even bowed to Mikey as the head of the Tokyo Manji gang to ask for permission to accompany his best friend’s body.

In the ending , Draken and Takemicchi visit Kazutora Hanemiya to deliver a message from Mikey. The first thing that pops into the writer’s mind is that Mikey must have threatened to kill Kazutora at a later date when he was released from prison. Turns out that thought was wrong.

Mikey advised Kazutora not to die in vain because he regretted his actions. Since the Bloody Halloween fight ended, Mikey still thinks that Kazutora is a member of the Tokyo Manji gang. Apparently, Mikey remembers the goal when Baji formed a gang with five of his friends, which is to be willing to sacrifice for the sake of the other members.

Considering that Kazutora had his reasons and Baji thought that he was suffering. Mikey understood that and finally assumed that Kazutora was still a part of Tokyo Manji no matter what happened.

The blue emotion after Keisuke Baji’s death made this episode 22 of Tokyo Revengers a bit different from usual. Many sad moments are presented, giving the impression that the friendship between Tokyo Manji’s top gang members is really close. The reason is that at the age of those who are still teenagers, they have to face various complicated problems and do not affect their bond with each other.