(Tokyo Revengers) Episode 21: Keisuke Baji’s Farewell to Touman


Try not to misunderstand the title above. For sure, Baji once pronounced that he presently not had any desire to be a piece of Tokyo Manji and absconded to the Valhalla pack. This time the farewell is not quite the same as the past. Because this farewell seems to be perpetually for Baji and the Tokyo Manji pack.

For those of you who have watched episode 20 of Tokyo Revengers , you must have seen Kazutora’s stabbing activity against Baji. Who is invigorated and anticipating that a miracle should come in this twentieth episode?

You need to surrender trust because Baji kicked the bucket from wounds on his back. Sad? Of course, because the figure of the chief of the first division is very urgent in the story.

Recap Episode 21 Tokyo Revengers

1. Takemicchi will have a tough task ahead

The last message from Baji before his passing to Takemicchi should be a worry. It seems from the last words Baji can prepare for the primary person to arrive at the highest position in Tokyo Manji to change what’s to come. In any case, that doesn’t mean we can loosen up relinquishing other significant things in yesterday’s 21st episode.

There is another thing that we must analyze as indeed, that is Kisaki Tetta’s arrangement. Because Baji’s passing is the fundamental objective of this fight so that Kisaki Tetta can have Mickey’s spot. Notwithstanding, in this episode Mickey’s fury to kill Kazutora is stopped when Takemicchi explains the “blessed mission” that Keisuke Baji has attempted.

Lamentably, Takemicchi has not had the opportunity to tell that Kisaki Tetta is for sure an abhorrent figure who can take everything. That’s right, the episodes are running out and it looks like we still need to hang tight for one more episode or two for all reality to be uncovered.

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2. Valhalla is absolutely no counterpart for Tokyo Manji!

Hopping a piece to discuss the Bloody Halloween fight , it just so happens, Valhalla doesn’t have a fingertip from Tokyo Manji. Instantly the clash of the two gangs stopped because of one activity Mickey. The kick to Hanma Shuji’s head which thumped him down instantly sent each of Valhalla’s members into chaos .

Despite the fact that their numbers were still more numerous toward the finish of the fight. Notwithstanding, some high-positioning officials from Valhalla have fallen while in the Tokyo Manji camp all are still standing tall. It must be conceded that this pack is not playing strong, especially as long as there is Mickey and the four leftover high-positioning officers.

In terms of strength, Tokyo Manji is far above Valhalla, however there is still the figure of Kisaki Tetta who is the mastermind behind every one of the tragedies in Bloody Halloween . Fortunately, Takemicchi and Chifuyu gain proficiency with a reality that could change the destiny of the Tokyo Manji pack, so we can essentially quiet down a little.

3. The Sorrow of Chifuyu and the Founders of Tokyo Manji

After the battle stopped, everyone was focused on Mickey who was after the psycho Kazutora Hanemiya. Still murmuring ambiguously, Kazutora was beaten by Mickey indiscriminately. Truth be told, in his jabber he also holds resentment against Baji, who he thinks is a traitor.

Despite the fact that he was the person who stabbed Baji because he was affected by Kisaki Tetta. It’s a pity, truly, considering that they are still in middle school and are enveloped by a serious confounded dispute. Luckily Mickey’s resentment stopped quickly when Takemicchi spoke so anyone can hear about reality behind Baji’s suicide.

At the point when Baji’s last breath blew, everybody was stunned and Chifuyu was the person who looked the most sad. Her cries were uproariously shouted while Baji’s body was in her lap. The performance of this scene is very slick and to be honest, when we watch this scene we get out of hand with emotions until our eyes are somewhat wet.

4. Indeed Kisaki Tetta disappeared suddenly and completely

As currently clarified, the Bloody Halloween fight is finished and everybody is focusing on Keisuke Baji, Mickey, and Kazutora. Of course you too, correct? Notwithstanding, this scene resembles an enchantment stunt that distracts us from different things so we don’t see the significant thing. That’s right, Kisaki Tetta didn’t show up and seemed to disappear.

KINCIR understood this before the finish of episode 21, when he understood he quickly attempted to rewind the scene when Mickey got off the garbage vehicle. No Kisaki Tetta was shown by any stretch of the imagination. Almost certainly, when his plans started to self-destruct, the antagonist escaped with his subordinates.

This nerd is for sure resourceful and always puts himself in the safest position when conditions are negative for him. We’ll see later in the following episode, where is Kisaki Tetta when Tokyo Manji is in inner chaos.

5. The Bloody Halloween Battle Is Over, What’s Next?

Kazutora’s beating stops when Takemichi tries to resuscitate Mickey. However, what made him stop was a special necklace got into Takemicchi’s coat. When getting the ornament, the scene goes back on schedule to when Tokyo Manji was just being shaped. The six founders were unblemished and there had been no inward problems around then.

This special necklace must have significant importance for Mickey and Tokyo Manji because Takemicchi thought that it is the night Kisaki Tetta was sworn in as top of the third division. Looks like Mickey and his friends definitely realize that this talisman belongs to Baji and realizes that incidentally, he hasn’t double-crossed him by any means.

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