Today’s Biggest Star Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson is an iconic DC hit that hits theaters today

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Dwayne Johnson stars in the biggest role of his life in New Line Cinema’s action blockbuster Black Adam , distributed by Blitz Movie . The first feature-length movie exploring the story of DC’s anti-hero came to the big screen under the direction of Jaume Collet-Serra , who also worked with Johnson on Jungle Cruise.

The Rock has dabbled in almost every genre of movie, and a superhero suit has always been something he’s longed for. The Rock says, “I loved comics and I was always a DC kid. I was drawn to Black Adam because he was one of the few superheroes, supervillains, anti-heroes that had colored skin and looked like me.” And even though the road to the big screen was more than ten years long, Johnson’s connection to the character and his story remained strong.

The movie’s producer Flynn says: “This project is the origin story of Black Adam. You get to know him and see why he is different from all the other superheroes. He doesn’t play by the rules and has a godlike power. Black Adam will entertain the audience incredibly, and at the same time, his story will moved and inspired.”

Black Adam is an icon of the DC universe . He’s a complex character, and while his rise is a bit different from that of other superheroes, his authenticity and morality make him unique, making him and his story perfect for the big screen.

In ancient Kahndaq, Adam was granted the almighty powers of the gods, but he used them for revenge and was punished for it. Now, five thousand years later, Adam is freed and once again spreading his dark sense of justice. He wakes up in modern-day Kahndaq, once a great kingdom, of which only a shadow remains. A once-famous and rich land, the birthplace of ancient magic and the epicenter of the region’s most vital and priceless resource – eternium – this precious resource has made it a target for predators. Adam refuses to surrender and challenges a team of heroes known as the Justice Society , consisting of Hawkman , Doctor Fate, Atom Smasher and Cyclone(Cyclon), who want to return him to eternal captivity.

In addition to Johnson, Aldis Hodge (The Falcon), Noah Centine (The Atom Breaker), Sarah Shahi , Viola Davis , Pierce Brosnan and many others also star. A strong camera crew consisted of Lawrence Sher as director of photography, Tom Meyer as set designer, Kurt and Bart, costume designers, Bill Westenhofer, visual effects supervisor, Mike Sale and John Lee, editors, and composer Lorne Balfe.