To surprise! Netflix Announces TEKKEN Anime Series check out his awesome trailer

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Netflix has taken a side in the hearts of gamers, as the company has made a great effort to adapt the franchises of this medium to anime, movies or television series. The catalog has grown in the last few years and he just announced today that he is working on refurbishing TEKKEN.

Although the idea of ​​adapting a fighting franchise into a narrative medium like animation, Netflix will bring it to life as part of a collaborative effort with Bandai Namco Entertainment, as announced today. TEKKEN: Lineage an anime or anime series by TEKKEN.

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What will the anime be about? TEKKEN from netflix?
Netflix made the official announcement with a trailer that allows you to take a look at the great animation and novels of the series.

The animation will tell the delirium that Jin Kazama made to cope with his ancestor Heiachi Mishima, after a demon, Ancient Ogre, appeared and hurt him next to his mother, TEKKEN Jun Kazama, from whom he learned the family martial arts. The goal is for the chimerical combatant to teach him the secrets of battle that he knows in exchange for Kazama proving why he is worthy of learning them. Along the way, of course, he will have to defeat many powerful opponents known from the video game series. TEKKEN some of which appear in the trailer.

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“”Power is everything.” Jin Kazama learned the family arts of self-defense, traditional Kazama-style martial arts, from his mother at a young age. that was dear to him.” , changing his life forever. Angry with himself for not being able to stop him, Jin swore revenge and sought full power to achieve it. The search for him will lead to the final battle on the world stage: The King of Iron Fist Tournament. review in the title synopsis.

We remind you that like other fighting titles, TEKKEN presents a story that has grown with each new episode since the first.

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When will the anime air? TEKKEN ?
It is important to mention that the trailer of the series is only available in English (Japanese Netflix accounts presented it with Japanese subtitles ), so it seems to be the main language. So far, it is unknown if it will have a Japanese dub, but it is very likely.

Unfortunately, no other details about the thesis, such as the exact release date or number of chapters, have been revealed with the announcement, so we’ll have to wait for those details. Without blocking, it has been confirmed that the thesis will be available on the platform globally before 2023.