Tips for LDR Success Drakor Twenty-Five Twenty-One, Honest Communication!


Twenty-Five Twenty-One tells a flashback from the main character, Na Hee-do, about the journey of first love, true friendship, and the struggle to achieve the dream of becoming a fencer. His first love, Baek Yi-Jin, is also experiencing life problems and must struggle to get his life back together after his family goes bankrupt. They both fall in love and have to suffer because they have to be in a long distance relationship or LDR .

For some couples, LDR ( long distance relationship ) doesn’t always go well, many even run aground in the middle of the road because they feel that LDR is the same as an ordinary relationship. Where, they do not need to try harder, especially in terms of communication.

Unfortunately, lack of communication results in misunderstandings, fights, and arguments that lead to reduced physical and emotional connection. Violet Lim, Professional Matchmaker and CEO of Lunch Actually, Asia’s first and largest dating agency , shares some tips for successful LDR a la Drakor Twenty-Five Twenty-One.

1. Have a sense of trust

Having complete trust in your partner is the most important point in LDR. Because, without trust, it is impossible for a couple to go through various phases in their relationship smoothly, especially if they are LDR.

Having a long distance relationship means that you are physically distant from your partner. Not infrequently it causes you to be afraid of separation, cheating on your partner, and so on. Without trust, you will be mentally distant from your partner too because it causes excessive jealousy, suspicion, and doubt.

2. Placing the appropriate portion in the relationship

For some reason, there will be overcompensation when having a long distance relationship. Especially at the beginning of a relationship, you want to be in constant communication with him. Otherwise, you will feel your relationship has lost its intimacy.

But at the same time, just because you’re in an LDR relationship, you can’t depend on each other all the time and expect him to always be there. You need to keep yourself busy, like making time to meet friends.

3. Have open and honest communication

Having open and honest communication will further strengthen trust in each other. This is even very important and should not be ignored.

No matter how you feel, your partner doesn’t have to guess or make assumptions on their own about what you’re thinking. This is very important to prevent jealousy or misunderstanding.

4. Know what the ultimate goal of the relationship is

“Where do you want our relationship to lead?” This is perhaps the scariest question in a relationship.

LDR requires a lot of patience and sacrifice so that your relationship is quite different, especially when it comes to commitment to something more serious. Therefore, it is important to first determine the direction of your relationship before starting an LDR.

There has to be an end goal because LDR can’t last forever. Do you know which of you will decide to budge?

Or, will you guys move to the same place after a certain amount of time? Do this discussion at the beginning openly and honestly.

5. Strive for more or manage time

It’s important to clear your schedule and make time for deep talks with your partner. Use this time to discuss how your daily life is. Also ask about their day and other things about you, him, and your relationship.

You can also schedule a phone date every night, before you go to bed. Also send a message in the morning to cheer up your partner and make his day colorful.

You can also send a sweet gift or a small gift to let your partner know that even though you’re apart, you’re still thinking about them. That way, your relationship will continue to run solid.

6. Control your jealousy

When you think about your partner, jealousy can be said to be healthy in a relationship. This shows that you care and are afraid of losing your partner.

However, it can turn into a bad thing in no time if you can’t control your emotions. When you’re in a long-distance relationship, you need to understand and accept that your partner has his or her own life and routines, even before you’re with them.

Asking them to change things out of insecurity seems a little unfair. Here, you don’t have to pretend to be okay with everything he does.

Instead of getting jealous and creating a toxic relationship in an existing relationship, it’s best to discuss the boundaries of what is and isn’t acceptable to each other when the two of you are apart.

7. Maximize the development of technology and be creative

There are many interactive supporting applications today. The application can help couples to interact with each other virtually such as watching reality shows or soap operas together and Houseparty (video calling and playing games at the same time).

You can also take your partner on virtual walks together, such as virtual museum tours, virtual Disneyland, and playing online games together. To make it more romantic, you can send him flowers or favorite food or maybe send a small gift.

8. Don’t let the voice in your head control you

As much as we love our friends and family, they will be the first to tell us that LDR is a bad idea. This is because they love you and want to protect you.

Do not take it wrong! Listen to what they have to say, but in the end the decision should be yours. Just remember that no one else understands all the stories about the relationship between you and your partner.

So, if distance is the only thing wrong in your relationship and you’re starting to doubt the relationship, maybe too many outside voices are in your head. Relationships are not a job, but relationships also require hard work.