Timo Werner will not leave Chelsea in January 2022, but…


Timo Werner is reportedly unhappy at Chelsea . However, that does not mean he is in a hurry to leave Stamford Bridge and join another club in the near future.

Werner’s inaugural season with Chelsea was quite challenging. Unfortunately, the man of German nationality was unable to meet the expectations of the public who wanted to see him become a producer of many goals.

Werner has managed just 12 goals in all competitions – more than half of that recorded in his last season with RB Leipzig – despite making 52 appearances. No wonder Chelsea immediately looked for a replacement figure.

This desire was successfully realized in the transfer market last summer. Chelsea successfully signed Romelu Lukaku from Inter Milan and the Belgian scored on his debut against Arsenal.

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Too Tight Competition
Chelsea didn’t buy Lukaku cheaply. This means, Lukaku will not be decorating the bench as long as the action is fine. This is clearly detrimental to Werner who in the previous season acted as a lone striker.

The best option for him at this point was to switch positions. Perhaps, as a winger in the three-forward format that is usually carried by Thomas Tuchel. But again, the competition in this position is also tough.

Mason Mount and Kai Havertz have performed well when playing in that position in the last two games. If they can’t play, there’s still Hakim Ziyech and Christian Pulisic ready to replace. Obviously, this is bad news for Werner.

Not in a hurry to move
Recently, Werner was reportedly included in the target list of Bayern Munich. Sources obtained by 90Min say that Werner is open to the possibility of a career back in the Bundesliga, but not in the near future.

Furthermore, Werner is said to only make a decision once the 2021/22 season ends. Not as stated in various reports, where the striker is said to be leaving Stamford Bridge in the winter.

The situation may still change. However, if Werner can perform well with Hansi Flick’s German national team and is not given the opportunity to play by Tuchel throughout the 2021/22 season, leaving will be his main choice.

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Timo Werner ‘friendly’ with Julian Nagelsmann, 70 percent will join Bayern Munich?

Striker Chelsea , Timo Werner , called still had close contact with Julian Nagelsmann . The contact is believed to make the future of the 25-year-old player at Bayern Munich.

Werner and Nagelsmann have a good relationship. They had worked together at RB Leipzig. Under the control of his mentor, Werner was able to incarnate as one of the goal machines in the Bundesliga.

The 2019/2020 season was a collaboration season between Werner and Nagelsmann. This season, Werner has scored 28 goals in the Bundesliga. He also performed well in the Champions League and was then ogled by Chelsea.

70 Percent to Bayern?
Now, Timo Werner’s future at Chelsea is in doubt. The presence of Romelu Lukaku is predicted to make Werner lose his place in the starting XI and sit on the bench more often when his team competes.

Quoted from the Mirror , the current situation at Chelsea might open the door for Werner. The striker who grew up in Stuttgart may return to the Bundesliga for regular play.

Werner had close contact with Nagelsmann. The coach always follows the development of Werner’s career. Nagelsmann is very likely to call Werner to come to Bayern next season.

In fact, the possibility is claimed to reach 70 percent. It is very possible Werner will belong to Bayern next season. Moreover, currently there are signs that Robert Lewandowski is interested in looking for a new challenge.

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Troubles at Chelsea
Timo Werner has endured a difficult period with Chelsea since the end of the 2020/2021 season. Despite continuing to play and awarding the Champions League title, Werner’s number of goals is considered not satisfactory enough for the attacker category.

The start of the 2021/2022 season was also difficult for him. Werner has not scored in his first three games. On the other hand, Lukaku actually showed a good impression and seemed to be the main choice.

“Now it’s up to him. As usual, he has to show his quality and ability. I’m happy he’s dangerous, but there are chances where he can be more decisive, can score goals,” said Thomas Tuchel.

Rise with the German National Team
Timo Werner seems to have two faces right now. Werner is a player who is in a difficult moment with Chelsea. But, when with the German national team, Werner can be relied on to be the foundation on the front lines.

Werner scored three goals and provided one assist in three of Germany’s games during this international break.

Werner still misses some golden opportunities, but three goalscoring games in a row can have a big impact on Werner. He can regain his confidence in front of goal.