Time Paradox Ghostwriter Chapter 1: Promising Manga


Kimetsu no Yaiba, one of the best and most popular manga Weekly Shonen Jump finally ended in chapter 205. As one of the most popular manga, Shuiesha must be able to find a replacement. There is one manga that might have the potential to fill the void left by Tanjiro and his friends despite the different genres, namely the latest manga entitled Time Paradox Ghostwriter.

The manga debuted in the same issue as Kimetsu no Yaiba released the final chapter. And Time Paradox Ghostwriter was indeed able to steal the attention. A very promising debut.

If the excitement can be maintained, it will not be surprising if the manga by Kenji Ichima and Tsunehiro Date has the potential to become one of the most popular.

What is Time Paradox Ghostwriter about?
Tells the story of Teppei Sasaki, a young man who dreams of becoming a famous mangaka. He had talent when he was young. Has also been an assistant to a famous mangaka. But somehow he couldn’t level up to become a “real” mangaka. When his storyboard was rejected many times, he came to the point of wanting to give up.

Just as he was about to give up hope, a lightning bolt struck his apartment, destroying the refrigerator, microwave, and a toy robot his friend had given him. Unexpectedly, the microwave could print the magazine Weekly Shonen Jump thirty years to come. Sasaki’s journey as a mangaka begins.

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The intricacies of the manga world
For those who like to read comics from Japan, you may have thought about how to make good comics that can be published. Or how the life of a mangaka. Well, in this Time Paradox Ghostwriter manga we are given a lot of “insider” knowledge of Weekly Shonen Jump magazine.

The first chapter of this manga provides knowledge about the world of manga starting from how the storyboard process is selected, the relationship between mangaka and editors, how to make a good story, the economic problems faced, and how it feels when the manga drawn is accepted by the publisher.

Maybe this knowledge has been raised by manga with the same theme, but still Time Paradox can provide fresh air because Weekly Shonen Jump has been dominated by fantasy world stories for a long time.

Talking about dreams and talents
Luffy, Naruto, Asta, and the other main characters of the shnen manga move on the basis of a dream. Their dreams drive the movement of the story. Likewise with Sasaki. He has a dream to become a famous mangaka whose work is published in Weekly Shonen Jump magazine.

Manga Time Paradox Ghostwriter presents the story of this dream very well and strikingly. Sasaki’s struggle to death is very inspiring. The moment when he almost gave up and finally got a miracle was very moving.

Even better, the magic that he got was not immediately plagiarized, but was used as an inspiration or an idea. This manga still upholds the value of hard work in writing original manga.

Actually, Sasaki could be said to be plagiarizing, but at that time he was not aware and considered the manga from the future as a dream and used it as an inspiration.

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This manga seems to also raise the theme of talent and hard work. Sasaki is a hard-working character, while Itsuki Aino, who is present at the end as a twist, is a talented character. The dynamics of their unique relationship will be very interesting to follow.

The concept of time travel is not clear
Lifting the story of time travel, the concept of science fiction manga Time Paradox Ghostwriter has not been fully explained. What is new is known, there is a robot toy given by Sasaki’s friend which is considered to be from the future. The toy melted into the microwave in Sasaki’s apartment due to a lightning strike.

Whether it’s the robot toy that brought the Shonen Weekly Jump magazine from the future or whether it has supernatural powers like most shonen manga stories or whether it’s an advanced technology is still unknown.

What is paradoxical and confusing in the story is who can be called the original author of the White Knight manga. Is it Sasaki or Itsuki Aino?

Sasaki got the inspiration for the White Knight manga from 2030 and managed to publish it in 2020. However, Itsuki actually wrote White Knight but will only debut in 2030. Confused right?

Manga Time Paradox Ghostwriter has great potential to become one of the most popular manga. Of course, if you can maintain the excitement that started in the first chapter.