Through my Window 2: Reveal cast and name of the second part of the Netflix movie

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After a few weeks of speculation, Through my Window 2 Netflix has finally released some details of the next movie.

Through My Window has been one of the most controversial premieres on Netflix, despite receiving some criticism from users, movie lovers were excited to see Raquel (Clara Galle) on the screen again and Ares (Julio Peña) in a new stage of their love after the intense events of the first movie released just a few months ago, in addition, the production of the streaming platform seeks to continue giving all its users a reason to stay and continue consuming their content so the decision to continue with these adaptations could be a success.

Young love stories always tend to attract the public and more so if it is a literary adaptation, that is why Through My Window continues to captivate hundreds of young people within Netflix and the tension to find out more about the history of the protagonists leaves a huge question mark over the script of the new movie as he doesn’t know how faithful it will be to his original story.

Despite all the unknowns, Netflix has finally decided to reveal more details of the movie that is expected to be even more popular than the first installment of A Through my Sale , for that reason here at we bring you all the gossip about the recordings of the second part.

Netflix reveals name and cast of new movie
Surprising all the followers on Netflix social networks , the streaming platform shared the first photo of the cast of the second Through My Window movie, including the two handsome protagonists who continue to steal hearts from all their fans while waiting to see them together again . On the screen of the streaming platform, in addition, the cast certainly looks quite promising.

Among the new cast members of Through My Window we have Andrea Chaparro, Emilia Lazo, Eric Masip, Guillermo Lasheras, Hugo Arbués, Ivan Lapadula Montes, Natalia Azahara and Carla Tous, each with incredible personalities and amazing careers in the industry. of entertainment, being all quite fresh and new faces, it is clear that Netflix seeks to open more spaces for new actors and actresses in its productions.

Another great news for fans of the story was the name that the second movie will bear, which will be Across the Sea , a title that could give many clues about the love trajectory of Raquel and Ares after the romantic final scene of the first installment. What do you think, are you excited?